Friday, November 14, 2014

My messy workspace

Last night I worked on the cover of my december daily album and this is the insane mess I ended with.  
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Updating again!

I feel like all I do is quick updates.  Well like always I have been super busy with school work.  I'm hoping things will slow down a little in the next few weeks now that student teaching is officially over.  This past week I have been working on the project that goes along with student teaching and trying to wrap it up, so I can clean my craft room and then play in it.  My goal is to finish up today, so tomorrow I can go in there to get some cards done for the Red Knights.

As for other stuff.  Everything is going well.  I am maintaining the weight loss which I am surprised by because I thought that once I started student teaching I would stress eat like I always do. I didn't thankfully and when I did I did it within reason.  I am loving myself a little more than when I weighed 20 pounds more.  I didn't realize how much the weight was affecting my body.  On rainy day my knees would be in so much pain.   Now the pain is bearable or not there at all which is amazing.  I will be posting my teacher outfits from student teaching and talking about how annoying it is to have no clothes and no money lol.  I got creative and I think I looked pretty good everyday.  Well I better go finish up so I can play, which hopefully means I will be posting cards soon!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Life is crazy! I would love to know when it is not.  I have began the semester, which includes students teaching and two literacy classes (online thankfully).  With that I barely have time to breathe, but the past few weeks have been eventfully.  A friend passed away earlier this month, another found out he is terminally ill, one nephew was born and we found out there is another one on the way.  So it has been both an exciting and sad time here, but most of all a busy time.  So needless to say creating beautiful things is way, way, way on the back burner.  Hopefully after the next few weeks are over I can breathe again.  I'm not complaining.  I'm loving every minute of it! I would rather be busy then sitting here board.  Like I was when I took time off of school and check out on life.  I can tell you at the end of the day I come home put on my sweats and happily lay with my fur babies on the couch.  Today I'm preparing for another busy week of student teaching, preparing lessons, and doing homework for my literacy classes.  Seven months till graduation!!!  
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

20 pounds lighter

It's amazing the difference in these photos.  I posted this on Facebook this week.  I looked at them side by side and all I could say was WOW! The one on the left was in February we went to Florida.  I found the shirt down there while thrifting and I thought it looked good (it didn't look terrible) and I put the same shirt on this week. I am proud to say I have lost 20 pounds.  Everyone says I look great, but I looked great before.  I feel so much better and notice that things with my health are much better with the weight loss.  My knees are as bad during damp rainy day among other things.  I think I might lose about 5 pounds.  I'm not going to be extremely hard core about it.  I went from a size 12 jeans to a size 8 I haven't been able to wear a size 8 since my last time dietin in 2007.  The biggest downfall is that I need new clothes a lot of my dress clothes just weren't going to work.  Thank God I was able to find quite few pairs of pants through thrifting.  I just need to find some tops which shouldn't be too bad going to the clothes mentor and being smart at places like Target and Old Navy in the next week or so.  I wouldn't normally stress but I start student teaching soon and I want to look my best! Thanks to everyone for their support.  Pin It Now!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Angie girls

I'm in love with these stamps! I love their sass and the themes they come in.  I have quite a little collection going (I have the teacher, photography, cat lover, "Wonder Woman" a sassy wine drinker, two tea/coffee drinkers and one of the witches).  So I stamped a bunch and colored them all and have put together a couple cards so far.  I think I did a couple more but I can't find the photos on my phone so I have to retake them.  I love how I can make a pretty simple card and add them on and they look fabulous. If you love them as much as me you can go to to purchase them. 

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Car themed cards

So the craft show I'm doing is a car show too.  So I decided to do some car themed cards to include.  The first one I used a tim Holtz stamp and I stamped it in 3 colors (whisper grey, slate gray and black) overlapping slightly as I went.  Then I had this awesome sentiment in my stash I think it's from Hampton art.  I thought I made an amazing little birthday card.  The other two are completely close to my heart product (I'm trying to use up my stash of retired product).  I think they came out awesome.  The cars were colored using our new alcohol ink markers (which I only bought two if because the last ones didn't do so well). These ones are awesome so far.  Only time will tell.  

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Business card holder

So I was looking for an idea for a business card holder on Pinterest and I saw this.  Someone took a book and folder every page in half and it create this little stand.  So I dug through my box of vintage papers and books that I collect for altered art and found a pocket sized dictionary that has a soft cover and I went to work.  I love that I can just stink my business cards in and they are easy for customers to grab.  Sorry the picture is sooo yellow I forget to turn on my other lamp.  
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Foxy girl getting ready for a craft show

I have been crafting.  I always have the best intentions for my summers, but as usual life gets in the way.  I wanted to get soooo many crafty things done this summer, but instead I lived life and spent time with some great family and friends.  But the last few weeks I have been preparing for my craft show that is coming up.  Here are some cards I made to sell.  I love coloring these girls and I love it even more now that I have my huge sent of prisma colored pencils!  I will post a few more things in the next couple days that I have done in prep for the craft show. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mark your Calendars

Ginger's Vintage Room and Butterfly Hope Jewelry will have a booth a the Shenedehowa Senior Center August 23rd from 11am-4pm.  We will be selling all types of handcrafted goodies such as jewelry, handmade cards, and possible some woodcraft items.  Please come support your local businesses it should be an amazing day! 
I created a facebook event feel free to share it with your friends! 

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Well this summer has had it's ups and downs.  I've been battling my depression a lot more than usual this summer, but I have also had a pretty amazing time too.  We went to Prince Edward Island, Canada last week for our red knight convention.  It was amazing! We wandered the streets.
Enjoyed some seafood. 
Tried things only found in Canada including poutine and hard cranberry lemonade. 
And checked out the sites including the bottle houses....
And the beautiful coasts. 
It was amazing to spend the week on the bike even though it rained on us almost everyday.  But you have to deal with a little rain to get rainbows. Right? 

I'm happy to report I lost more weight even though I indudged in lobster rolls, clam and seafood chowder and french fries (with and without gravy and cheese).  My starting weight was 160 pounds and I am currently 143 pounds! I feel amazing, proud and happy! 

I've been crafting a little bit, but it has mostly been leftover card club kits, so nothing worth posting.  I hope I will be able to post something new soon craft wise.  I made some tie dye shirts maybe I'll post those soon.  I hope your creative juices are flowing.  I'll post soon.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

A little update

So Miss Annabelle Lee is fitting in quite nicely.  She's go an amazing personality! She's cuddly and playful and Raven seems to like her so far.  She is 9 weeks old.  It's been so long that I forgot what it is like to have a kitten.  She up at all hours of the night and morning then sleeps a good chunk of the day.  I may not be getting my beauty rest but I don't really care.  Here are some pretty photos of her I edited using the Rhonna designs app of my iphone.  It's fun! I'm really enjoying it.  I even bought a couple of the add on packs.    
I will do an update on my weight loss soon.  Let's just say I'm happy with it. At the moment life is good. 
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few little projects and exciting news

I've done a few little projects in my craft room since school ended trying to get
It organized.  I always feel better about crafting in an organized room.  So here is what I did so far.  I took a photo box purchased for $2 at Michael's and I had these plastic containers laying around (I use to use them for ribbons) I have put my brad collection in a million containers and I have hated everything I have done with them.  Mostly organizined them by size and color (sometimes shape)
And put them in these containers.  I then took my hand drill and drilled a hole in the  top of the ones I could not see through and placed an example brad so I could see what is inside. I'm hoping this works better then my last storage idea.  The photo box is in the bottom of my large china hutch with a few others.  I am planning a room tour soon to show the ins and outs of my room and what works for me.  
The next project I did was one of my many pins on Pinterest.  I have seen a million pins about updating the back of a book shelf with foam board.  I have wanted to do it for awhile in my little hutch, so I finally did.  So before:
Here's the after.  I cut foam board to fit each shelf then cut paper in 4 by 4 squares then glued it on the board kind of like a quilt.  I could have bought fabric and done it but why spend money when I have a million pieces of paper!  I am pleased with the out come.  
Now for exciting news!! I added a new kitten to my little family.  I have been missing my Noelle after see ran away in November and later my dad found that she had been hit by a car.  I needed some time and knew that if. I got a new cat I would want a kitten.  I few months ago I was tutoring my friend's daughter and she was fostering (hand feeding) some kittens for a community cat rescue and I got to play.  I brought me back to when I was hand feeding raven and smokey's litter and I fell in love.  I slept on the idea for awhile cause I would be able to really take anyone home till they were weened and fixed.  After thinking and talking to my parents about the idea I decided that I would like on of the females and contacted one of the rescues leaders.  I filled out the application and she let me know the other female was taken and I would he Snowbelle.  I didn't love the name but I started to think about how I named Raven after "The Raven" one of my favorite Poe poems.  I wanted to stick with that theme so I named my new little one after another favorite Poe poem and kept the Belle part of her name. So meet little miss Annabelle Lee.  I call her Belle for short which reminds me of M the little girl who named her Snowbelle.  She is the sweetest kitten playful and cuddly.  So far she is not a HUGE fan of Raven but he likes her.  So hopefully that will change.  

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weight loss journey

I have been one of those people who are completely content with my weight and size (as far as clothing) overall having a positive self image.  But I was starting to eat way more then I should, going to food for comfort, saw those around (people I care about) gain weight in a concerning way.  So I decided after years of being a 12 (slowly going up a size) that it was time to start watching what I put in my mouth.  I downloaded myfitnesspal to my iphone and start documenting what I was eating.  Now after about 30 days I have lost about 8 pounds! I'm putting on pants that I bought to small and now fit.  I seeing my jeans I wear on a regular basis fitting much looser than they were and overall feeling proud of myself. I will look for a before and so far photo to add later.  I want to continue and drop more over time and I know it will be a process.  But I look at it realistically too if I want something (that is "not good" for me) I still will allow a little. I still eat French fries and burgers (but I eat turkey burgers).  I eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.  It's the little changes that help a lot.  Pin It Now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A disney gift

I made this for my younger brother.  While he was at my house I quietly put on the driver seat of his car while he was up here to do something and walked away.  I hungout in my craft room and watched for his reaction.  I truly enjoyed seeing his smile.  It meant a lot to me to see it.  

The page was made using white cardstock.  I created a stencil using my gypsy, Cricut, and the Mickey and friends cartridge.  I inked all the shapes in blue then shifted it so the pattern was in between two of the other Mickey heads and inked them all green to create my background.  I then took a thin black marker and outlined the heads.  I matted the pictures in yellow, red and black paper (in true Mickey style) and cut out the character names in red with a black shadow again using the Mickey and friends cartridge.  I like how it came out and hope my brother enjoys it too.   
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Card Class planned (finally)

Card club planned! Finally, this month was truly a labor of love because I haven't been able to be creative over the course of the semester.  I think I needed kick start my creative brain.  The first card (the Father's Day card) was pretty much from my brain.  I knew I wanted to have the girls create their own background paper using the stamps from this set (which I love!! I'll get into why later in the post).  I thought a lot about how to do what I wanted to do, which was probably was my problem,  I over thought.  I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and I saw a triple layer card and thought this is perfect! So I set out to create it.  I put it together and stared at it for quite awhile I originally was have the score line on the left.  I didn't like that so finally I flipped the card, so the line would be on the top! That was the ticket.  I cut the shape for the sentiment using my gypsy so I could create the perfect mat for it (which is soooo easy with the gypsy).  I love how it came out over all. Now why do I love this stamp set? It reminds me of my great grandfather.  He was very talented man when it came to tools.  He created two of the large funiture pieces in my craft room (the dry sink which I use as my Cricut station and the huge hutch that I store all my close to my heart stamps on).  I will hopefully post an updated room tour soon.  I have to pick up first.  I might even do a video!  On to the second card. 
The second card is based on a card in the catalog (page 50). I used a different trailer stamp and instead of using what looks like a my stickease sticker I stamped the tree from the stamp set behind the trailer because I cut the trailer out of off white cardstock I could stamp it so it looks like a taller tree behind the trailer.  I also didn't use the 3-D embellishments to keep down costs plus I didn't have them on hand anyway. I like what I came up with and hope the girls do too.  
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A quick update and some gorjuss girl stamps

I just wanted to update you all on my semester.  It was dicey for a minute or two, but in the end I did very well.  I am maintaining my 3.66 gpa. 
In the crafting world I treated myself to a couple new stamps because of a YouTube video I watched.  They are from a company called gorjuss girls.  I purchased foxy and the collector ( I can't imagine why lol).  They weren't too expensive and came packed well.  I love that the image is on the back side of the stamp so you can see it when using clear blocks.  
The collector
Today I spent most of my time coloring them in I like that you can color them however you like (so stamps don't allow for that but these girls can be given just about any color hair/skin tone etc and look lovely).  
After coloring for awhile I decided I want to get a BIG set of prismacolor colored pencils.  I currently have only about 20 colors and I find it too limiting.  I ran to Micheal's to see what they had and they want $230 for a set I found online for $95.  So I might do some shopping this weekend to see if my local artist supply stores, Joann's and hobby lobby have.  I have always wanted a nice set of colored pencils and never got them, so it's time. 
Here is the card I made with foxy and I used Close to my Heart's wild thing stamp set which was the stamp of the month in January or February I believe.  I think it came out cute.  Well I hope this post finds you well.  I promise more crafting will be coming.  Because I decided not to work rec this summer.  I'm sure I will take on many projects from now till the end of August. I looking forward to an awesome summer. 
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Autism awareness month outfits take 2

Okay I have lost track of what day things were wore so I'll just keep with numerical order not really dates.  I have been on a diet for 25 days now I'm counting calories and watching what I take in, so I'm starting to feel a littl better about myself.  I lost about 10 pounds! I'm soooo proud!  I even got my dad in on it cause he was getting a bit of a gut.  So without further adue! 
Outfit 4 
I wore this to my nephew Landon's first birthday party.  We learned a new muchkin is joining our ranks!!! Fingers crossed it's a girl (but I will love him or her either way).  
Dark denim jeggings-american eagle
Navy sweater- thrifted (american eagle) 
Off white cami- Kohl's 
Necklace- Allora handmade (retired) 
Day 5 
Lazy day tutoring 
Jeggings- american eagle 
Navy blue t-shirt- Boyfriend's firehouse 
Day 6 
Off white boyfriend cardigan- walmart 
Blue tshirt- target 
Tank- aero 
Jeggings- american eagle 
Day seven- working 
Blank dress pants- dockers 
Navy peacock shirt- kohls 
Necklace- Lisa Lenord design 

Day 8- school work and picking up around the house 
Top- old navy 
Jean jacket- thrifted (target) 
Jeggings (cause I wear nothing else lately) american eagle 
Scarf- target 
Day 9- Working 
Coral shirt- Target 
Grey vest-kohls 
Grey skirt- forever 21
Necklace- allora handmade (retired) 
Day 10- My Birthday 
Jeggings- american eagle 
Earrings- target 

Day 11 (I promise there was blue on the shirt) Riding 
Kingdom heart shirt- kohls 
Red denim skinny jeans- jc penny's 
Day 12
Blue tank - forever 21 
Grey graphic tank- thrifted 
Jeggings- american eagle 
Necklace- allora handmade (retired) 
Day 13
Blue tshirt- target 
Jeggings- surprise american eagle 
Day 14 (Easter Sunday) school work 
Denim shirt-target 
Black tank top- aero 
Orange (I know right!!) skinny jeans- jc penny's ($3)!! 
Necklace-antique locket (it was my great grandmother's and has a picture of my great grandfather in it.  I needed to be close to them yesterday) 

Day 15 School work (I'm almost done with my special education degree!!!) 
Black shirt- old navy 
Scarf- target 
Tank- forever 21 
Jeggings- american eagle.  
 No promises that I will go beyond Thursday because I'm going on a mini vacation somewhere warmer, so I have to dig out the summer clothes. I promise there isn't much blue there.  This has been fun! 

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