Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2012 Close to my Hear Retirement list

Fall/Winter 2012 Catalog
  • page 14 Workshop on the Go Spellbound Cricut Kit (G1040)
  • page 21 Workshop on the Go Avonlea Scrapbooking Kit (G1045)
  • Page 22 Workshop on the Go Avonlea Cardmaking Kit (G1041)
  • Page 23 Workshop on the Go Scroll Album Kit (G1042)
  • Page 29 Workshop on the Go Clementine Scrapbooking Kit (G1046) 
  • Page 35 Workshop on the Go Dakota Scrapbooking Kit (G1047) 
  • Page 38 La Belle Vie Paper Pack (X7158B)
  • Page 38 La Belle Vie My Stickease Assortment (X7158C)
  • Page 41 Workshop on the Go La Belle Vie Scrapbooking Kit (G1048)
  • Page 47 Workshop on the Go Scholastic Scrapbooking Kit (G1049)
  • Page 50 Flirty Complements Dimensional Elements (X7160C)
  • Page 50 Flirty Paper Packet (X7160B)
  • Page 53 Workshop on the Go Flirty Scrapbooking Kit (G1050)
  • Page 56 Moonlight Complements Dimensional Elements (X7161C)
  • Page 56 Moonlight Paper Pack (X7161B)
  • Page 59 Workshop on the Go Moonlight Scrapbooking Kit (G1051)
  • Page 62 Pear & Partridge Complements Glittery Rub-ons (X7162C)
  • Page 62 Pear & Partridge Paper Packet (X7162B)
  • Page 65 Workshop on the Go Pear & Partridge Scrapbooking Kit (G1052)
  • Page 66 Workshop on the Go Pear & Partridge Cardmaking Kit (G1043)
  • Page 67 Workshop on the Go Advent Calendar Kit (G1044)
  • Page 68 Stella Complements Canvas Shapes (X7147C)
  • Page 68 Stella Paper Packet (X7147B)
  • Page 68 My Stickease Pemberley Assortment (X7148C)
  • Page 68 Pemberley Paper Packet (X7148B)
  • Page 69 My Stickease Victory Assortment (X7150C)
  • Page 69 Victory Paper Packet (X7150B)
  • Page 69 My Stickease Florentine Assortment (X7153C)
  • Page 69 Florentine Paper Packet (X7153B)
  • Page 120 Craft Jars (Z188)
  • Page 122 6"x6" Olive Quick Pic Album (Z1407)
  • Page 122 6"x6" Pansy Purple Quick Pic Album (Z1408)
  • Page 123 4 1/2" Colonial White Circle Cards (Z1352)
  • Page 123 4 1/2" White Daisy Circle Cards (Z1353)
  • Page 123 My Originals Sweet Surprises Card Kit (Z1731)
  • Page 124 Designer Ribbon Cocoa Collection (Z1316)
  • Page 124 Designer Ribbon Blue Collection (Z1385)
  • Page 124 Designer Ribbon Red Collection (Z1615)
  • Page 124 Designer Ribbon Green Collection (Z1616)
  • Page 125 Wooden Designer Buttons (Z1387)
  • Page 125 Buttons Clear Assortment (Z1391)
  • Page 126 Foundry ribbon slides (Z1460)
  • Page 126 Foundry binder clips (z1711)
  • Page 126 Foundry number plates (Z1712)
  • Page 126 Mini-Medley Accents Black Collection (Z1393)
  • Page 126 Black Tapestry Velvet Rub-ons (Z1733)
  • Page 126 Dark Chocolate Tapestry Velvet Rub-ons (Z1700)
  • Page 126 Festive Velvet Rub-ons (Z1743)
  •  Page 126 Parlor Velvet Rub-ons (Z1742)
  • Page 127 Shimmer Designer Brads (Z1349)
  • Page 127 Rhinestone Designer Brads (Z1360)
  • Page 127 Brads Red Assortment (Z1361)
  • Page 127 Brads Pink Assortment (Z1362)
  • Page 127 Brads Blue Assortment (Z1363)
  • Page 127 Brads Green Assortment (Z1364)
  • Page 127 Brads Basic Assortment (Z1365)
  • Page 128 Milepost Shapes (Z1464)
  • Page 128 Bling Assortment (Z1466)
  • Page 128 Bohemian Assortment (Z1687)
  • Page 128 Timeless Charms (Z1689)
  • Page 128 Tough Tages (z1692)
  • Page 128 Bouquet Assortment (Z1694)
  • Page 128 Haunted Assortment (Z1741)
  • Page 128 Autumn Lane Assortment (Z1749)
  • Page 128 Boutique Assortment (Z1763)
  • Page 128 Dimensional Elements in Color-Holiday (Z1772)
  • Page 129 Just Bloom Petal Paper Flowers (Z1709)
  • Page 129 Decor Journaling Spots (Z1461)
  • Page 130 Irresistible Eclectic Chipboard Die-Cuts (the Alphabet) (Z1395)
  • Page 130 Irresistible Make it count numbers (Z1465)
  • Page 130 Urban Felt Alphabet (Z1695)
  • Page 130 Keepsakes Felt Alphabet (Z1696)
  • Page 130 Color-Ready Arbor Wooden Shapes (Z1765)
  • Page 130 Newsprint Rub-ons (Z1388)
  • Page 131 Dimensional Elements Numbers (Z1681)
  • Page 131 Dimensional Elements Ornaments (Z1761)
  • Page dimensional Elements Snowflakes (Z1762)
  • Page 132 My Creations Display album (Z1054)
  • Page 132 My Creations Banner (Z1378)
  • Page 132 My Creations Memory Game (Z1614)
  • Page 135 Cutting Knife (Z1252)
Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book
  • Page 47 Super Powers Stamp Set (C1485)
  • Page 66 Simple Memories Stamp Set (D1472)
  • Page 67 Rosy Regrads Stamp Set (B1369)
  • Page 68 A Tulip Stamp Set (A1104)
  • Page 68 Heartfelt Treasures Stamp Set (C1456)
  • Page 70 Remarkable Wreath Stamp Set (C1473)
  • Page 71 Spring Up Stam Set (B1365)
  • Page 71 Delight Stamp Set (C1452)
  • Page 72 My Peeps Stamp Set (B1402)
  • Page 74 He is Risen Stamp Set (B1397)
  • Page 76 Trees & Things Stamp Set (D1467)
  • Page 77 Splendid Day Stamp Set (D1462)
  • Page 78 Magic Adventures Stamp Set (D1509)
  • Page 80 Quick Cards-Shell Stamp Set (A1128)
  • Page 80 Perfect Day Stamp Set (C1499)
  • Page 81 Kick Back Stamp Set (D1511)
  • Page 82 Country Life Stamp Set (C1498)
  • Page 83 Bee Happy Stamp Set (B1374)
  • Page 84 Happy Camper Stamp Set (C1457)
  • Page 85 A Rainbow Stamp Set (A1129)
  • Page 89 Roar! Stamp Set (D1505)
  • Page 90 A Tweet Stamp Set (A1104)
  • Page 90 Paper Lantern Stamp Set (C1458)
  • Page 92 Bravo Stamp Set (A1122) 
  • Page 93 Take A Picture Stamp Set (C1440)
  • Page 94 A Melody Stamp Set (A1116)
  • Page 94 Tailor-Made Stamp Set (C1442)
  • Page 95 Enjoy Life Stamp Set (C1439)
  • Page 96 Aspire Stamp Set (C1455)
  • Page 99 Eclectic Edges Stamp Set (C1452)
  • Page 102 Diverse Backgrounds Stamp Set (D1508)
  • Page 105 10 Things Stamp Set (C1474)
  • Page 106 Card Chatter-Love Stamp Set (D1464)
  • Page 113 Bingo Alphabet Stamp Set (D1478)
  • Page 114 Field Trip Alphabet Stamp Set (E1013)
  • Page 114 Chocolate Alphabet Small Stamp Set (D1296)
  • Page 114 Hodge Podge Alphabet Stamp Set (D1301)
  • Page 114 Classmate Alphabet (D1303)
  •  Page 117 The Works Alphabet Stamp Set (D1195)
  • Page 117 Tiny Typewriter Alphabet Stamp Set (D1222)

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Monday, December 17, 2012

December card club

Well I finally got everything I want planned cut and ready to go with two days to spare lol. I think I out did myself. The theme for the month is last minute gifts. Just small quick gifts that you could give in a pinch. First I planned a 3d ornament nothing fancy I just cut 6 ornament shapes at 2 1/4 inches off art philosophy 4 out of partridge and pear, 1 out of green and 1 out of red. You fold them all in half and glue. Next up was a simple candle that I stamped using Stazon ink. I then mod podged glitter around the bottom and tied a ribbon around it. Last but not least is a calendar using the stamp Of the month set year round cheer. The calendar was a great way to use up a lot of my scrap i have been collecting. All are fun easy projects that can be put together quickly.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Christmas tree

Here is my tree this year. I just wanted to share. I love my topper!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

1st semester almost down

As of this moment I have literately 2 classes left of my first semester of school. It's been a whirlwind I love it and hate it. And now that its finishing up I'm starting to come down with a cold blah! Oh well I will drink lots of tea. I have been able to make some cards for some special events the first is pretty exciting for me my brother and sister in law are expecting their first baby so I will be an auntie again. I made them a congrats card using a unity stamp set. The second card was for a 25 year anniversary. I'm also in the middle of making my christmas cards ill share those soon.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Atc ornament swap

So after years of trying to complete the vintage room Christmas ornament swap I finally did it. I think they came out cute!
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Polka a dot tea cards

I have been playing in my craft room all day. Trying to work myself out of a funk. I haven't liked most of what I have done today, but these two cards came out too cute. I used Kraft cardstock and embossed it using my new polka a dot embossing folder. Then the rest was history lol.
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A cute and quick Christmas present

I picked up little notepads at the dollar tree the other day they were two for $1 so not bad. I already had an idea in my head for them. I want to alter them a little with CTMH paper and use my new monogram H that I got from ctmh. All I did was add a little paper to the top to cover the ugly pattern that was there, stamped the H in the corner of every sheet of lines paper and add a little bit of ribbon to the side for a pen holder. Depending on how much paper you use to cover the top you can get quite a few out of 1 sheet of 12x12. I used 2.25x5 inches to be honest 2x5 inches would have probably been plenty. But using the size I did I got 12 out of 1 piece of paper I had to use the decorative strip (the extra quarter inch on our papers with pretty designs on one side and the paper info on the other). I think it came out pretty cute.
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Monday, October 29, 2012

Cross stitch looms

I have had this collection of cross stitch looms forever and I have wanted to do something with them. They have been hanging on the wall for at least a year just blank nothing in them. About a week ago a friend gave me a dcwv stack that inspired me to finally do something with them the colors in the stack were perfect and went well with my room, so I started cutting the designs to fit the looms and there was a sheet of tags you could cut out and use as embellishment. I decided to use my favorite Tim holtz quote stamps and stamped a different one on each tag then I started to pull this from my stash. Bits of findings and jewelry reused, some very old scrapbook embellishments I have saved for a special project. Over all them came out pretty cool. It was the perfect distraction from hurricane sandy and my head feeling like its going to explode and my runny nose that sandy has caused. Tomorrow I'm back to getting homework done. And at the moment time for sleep.
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A quick and easy Halloween treat

So I got called into a class for today. I have been in a few times and I have really enjoyed the students and I had bought some Halloween pencils at Walmart the other day for my teacher bag. So this morning I got an idea to make little tags to put on the pencils to say they were from me. I took a dcwv mat stack I bought a couple months ago which is 6.5 x 4.5 and I cut it into three somewhat equal sections which works out to be a little over 2 inches x 4.5. I cut orange paper to fit on top of the pattern which is a little over 1.75x 4. I stamped this cute pumpkin and "boo to you" on the orange in black ink. Glued the orange paper to the patten and punched to circles on the side for the pencil to slide through. I was able to finish 24 of them in maybe 15-20 minutes. I left them for the classroom teacher to pass out. And it cost only like $2 for the pencils everything else was in my stash!
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Steam punk girl stamp

Michael's had this stamp for sale with their Halloween stuff this season. As soon as I saw her I fell in love and figured she wasn't overly Halloween-y. I kept putting off buying her because I don't buy as many stamps (especially wood mount one) that are not ctmh. But after looking at her for a few visit I made the purchase. So far I have used her on two different cards one a general themed card (using dcwv tattered times stack) the other more Halloween themed (using ctmh moonlight paper pack). She is just fun to color.
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Breat cancer/support our troops cards

I bought this awesome ribbon stamp this summer from Unity stamp company. I have been wanting to use it since, but other new supplies came in and other must do projects had to be done. I no longer have a list as far the craft room goes. Of course school comes first, but I got my homework done before I played. I came up with these cute cards the breast cancer cards I cut a pattern paper with big swirls to size. Then I covered it in adhesive and ribbon. The first one I just used random pink ribbons. The second one I just used sheer ribbons which allows you to see the swirls on the paper behind the ribbon.

The yellow ribbon card I simply stamp the ribbon cut it out and mounted it on red cardstock and cut around it leaving a thin rim of red around the image. I put in on a mostly yellow pattern paper which was also mounted on red. I stamped thank you on a scrap of the yellow pattern (which I also mounted on red) I added a little bling on the ribbon. It great for a female service woman just to tell her thank you! (The ribbon has a flower pattern to it.)
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday card

I made this birthday card for my other half today. I purchased the stamp from unity stamp company. I also got the girl version of the same stamp set. I stamped multiple times and cut and layered the pieces together to get the final product. I like how it came out and he did too.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October card club

This months card club is finally planned.... It's tomorrow I never wait this long, but homework and our annual pig roast put card class on the back seat. The Halloween card was planned a week or so ago, but the second card had to wait till this evening. I had a few ideas for it, but ended up doing this simple cardinal card. My more complex card idea will have to wait for next month.

Halloween card supplies:
Moonlight workshop on the go kit
Creepy creatures
Black tulle
Watercolor pencil
Martha Stewart's graveyard punch

Christmas card:
Partridge and pear paper pack
To you and yours stamp set
Kraft cardstock
Cranberry brads
Gold embossing powder
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Altered witch hat work in progress

So at our last art gathering we were each given a witch hat to alter mine has been sitting around neglected ever since. Today I got my homework caught up for the week and a good chunk of boxes cut for my friend Deb's wedding in a few weeks, so I treated myself to a little while of play. So far this is simply what I have done. I started with a base coat of copper paint then I sprayed with slate glimmer mist. I painted the brim copper then black and painted bubble wrap with copper paint. I decided to add seam binding (which is not permeant yet and I added a bling bat. It needs some more work but I haven't figured out what it needs yet and I'm really not sure when I can play again. I'm swamped with work and homework lately. My life consist of work, class, homework, eat sleep start all over again. Speaking of sleep that what about to do. Till next time.
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