Friday, May 7, 2010

A rose filled night

So this evening I sat down to produce some roses.  These roses will become pins and headbands for my upcoming craft fair I don't have the ribbons that I need to do the headbands at the moment or the pin pieces for the pins so now all I have to do is put the items together and glue.  The hardest part is complete.  I want to do a couple dozen more but I have cut more paper.  I'll probably do that tomorrow night after a very busy day.  Then I can do what I just did sit down and pop together some more.  Right now I'm playing with some different things to create the color.  I'm adding color to just the edges one the top three (pink, green and purple) and then the two lower pictures (purple) are glimmer misted.  The first I went heavy with the mist but the last one I went really light.  I will have to do a bunch more with glimmer mist.  I'm liking how they are coming out.  Now my fingers are covered in ink and clear accents.  Oh well.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

button necklaces and rose pins

I'm preparing for a craft fair May 22nd.  So I started working last night on producing button necklaces to sell.  They are made of mostly vintage buttons, thread, and hook and eye latches.  I love making them!! The roses are actually pins that I made a couple weeks ago that I never took a picture of.  I have to make a lot more before the fair.  I have headbands, pins and button necklaces in my future!! lol
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