Saturday, September 18, 2010

One button necklace so many options

Halloween (purple, lime green, black)
Red script and black
Turquoise and white with turquoise Great for winter 
Fall (maroon, orange and white with dark green edges)
Christmas (Maroon and dark green edges)
Spring (pink, lime green, purple)
Halloween choice 2 (orange, lime green, and black)
So I have been thinking about those really cool necklaces that you see now that are short of set off center and most of them a beautiful but probably can be only worn with one outfit and I'm one of those people that will buy something cause I love it then it just sits there because it is out of my comfort zone to wear it.  I was looking at my rose pins and thinking how much I love them and I was wearing a simple long white button necklace and though hey what if I combined the two.  Here is my newest idea.  I took two or three rose pins set them off center on my necklace and use a special pin back to create they various looks with one button necklace.  I'm loving them I started off my day wearing the Red and Black roses cause I had a red knight meeting and they matched my vest and then after switching out different ones landed on the turquoise and white with turquoise edged roses.  I like when I can take one item and jazz it up.   Pin It Now!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

finally some Art to share

So I have been busy again but finally I got myself organized enough to create!!  I felt like doing some halloween inspired altered cabinet cards.  I have a whole box of cabinet cards but I'm too afraid to do something with them.  Of course until now.  Then I have been organizing, purging and just try to make my craft space a good place to work in again because summer left it a scary and messy place that wasn't inspiring.  So as you can see the purging and reorganizing is working if I have already been creating.  The other photo I include is a self made (with dad's help) ribbon holder.  I use to hang my ribbon with tole from the window, but things have changed and that doesn't work anymore, I have these really great boxes they were drawers from cabinet my great Grandpa made for a wood lathe he had.  We got rid of the lathe and the table but when I pulled the drawers out and saw how cool they were I couldn't get rid of them.  They make awesome shadow boxes, or shelves and of course ribbon holder lol.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out.  The drawer are actually made out of ammunition boxes my Great grandpa was green before being green was cool.    
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