Saturday, March 7, 2009

Again no pictures

Well today wasn't much of a creation day. I cleaned and played today. I went to a stamp store after visiting my great grandmother in the hospital and bought a set of tim's holtz's new stamp sets (ATC backgroud sized ones). I played with them for awhile. Not really creating anything. I thought it would create something for up coming swaps, but not really. I cleaned my scrapbook room to make a mess again and tomorrow morning I will probably clean it again. I have quite a few swaps that I want to do stuff for but I'm having a problem. Oh well I'm sure something will come out of my head and hands. So I wrote 3-4 pages in my journal so that was something I guess. Oh well I'm off to bed. Maybe tomorrow will produce some pictures. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No pictures today

I don't have pictures today cause my batteries are dead in all my cameras. Sad the scrapbooker is without cameras. Oh well. I did some creating today. I got three coffee themed ATCs done today pictures will come as soon as I get batteries. I'm pretty inpressed with them. I used some new techinques. I have been watching Tim Holtz's demo videos. I suggest them highly. Very useful info. I learned some new ways to use my distress inks which spark one of my favorite things, a trip to Micheal's lol. I bought a new distress ink (frayed Burlap) I bought the blender tool, and a set of new Tim Holtz stamps... oh ya I also bought a pack of mini misters. They are such as little thing but I great tool especially when using distress ink. I didn't know that distress ink reacts to water. Silly me. lol. So fun new toys. I saw the new paper and walked right by. Doesn't help that I have bought four paper packs in the last two months and haven't used even a quarter of them. My boyfriend told that we are going to have to work on my impulse buying. I told him that I never regret my purchases. He just came back with well if you would wait a day or two you could get it for cheaper (he is a online shopper). I don't know what it is I have a problem with buying craft supplies online. You have to touch it. pick it up, put it down and pick it up again. Yes that is how I shop. At least one item get put away, one gets pick up repeatly before buying. This evening The Tim Holtz mask was put back the stamp set was picked up put back picked up again. I love craft shopping!!! lol. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Little Fat Book pages

In my group we are doing a Birthday club which is really fun so I made some LFB pages. They are really simple with Chipboard Cakes, paper, ribbon and rub ons.
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There is my mermaid LFB page that I was talking about. I'm much happier with this one then my first one.

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March 3rd ramble

I have been working on ATCs for some swaps that are due. Nothing extremely exciting. This morning I started a Little Fat Book page for a swap. This is the second on I created for the swap. The first one wasn't that good imo. So I did one I'm proud of. I just think it needs a quote then it will be done. I really need to print pictures and scrapbook some more although I have a ton of picture that are not inspiring me. I have most of my pictures saved on discs but I feel it is a pain to pull them out and go through them. I have to make myself do it. I wonder how many people share my pain in the sense that they save their pictures on discs and don't want to go back to them. It just feels like a chore. Actually now that I'm thinking about it I know just the disc I feel it is time to find and print. I worked in my lss for quite awhile and we had this crop that I worked have a disc of pictures of it and I scrapbooked it for my boss and gave it to her right before the store closed I think I want to scrapbook it now. I think it would mean a lot to take a trip back to "Memory Lane" and the ladies that filled my days. I miss them dearly and I wish that we didn't lose our common ground. I think it would be great to get together but it would take a lot of planing. Maybe someday. Pin It Now!