Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weight loss journey

I have been one of those people who are completely content with my weight and size (as far as clothing) overall having a positive self image.  But I was starting to eat way more then I should, going to food for comfort, saw those around (people I care about) gain weight in a concerning way.  So I decided after years of being a 12 (slowly going up a size) that it was time to start watching what I put in my mouth.  I downloaded myfitnesspal to my iphone and start documenting what I was eating.  Now after about 30 days I have lost about 8 pounds! I'm putting on pants that I bought to small and now fit.  I seeing my jeans I wear on a regular basis fitting much looser than they were and overall feeling proud of myself. I will look for a before and so far photo to add later.  I want to continue and drop more over time and I know it will be a process.  But I look at it realistically too if I want something (that is "not good" for me) I still will allow a little. I still eat French fries and burgers (but I eat turkey burgers).  I eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.  It's the little changes that help a lot.  Pin It Now!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A disney gift

I made this for my younger brother.  While he was at my house I quietly put on the driver seat of his car while he was up here to do something and walked away.  I hungout in my craft room and watched for his reaction.  I truly enjoyed seeing his smile.  It meant a lot to me to see it.  

The page was made using white cardstock.  I created a stencil using my gypsy, Cricut, and the Mickey and friends cartridge.  I inked all the shapes in blue then shifted it so the pattern was in between two of the other Mickey heads and inked them all green to create my background.  I then took a thin black marker and outlined the heads.  I matted the pictures in yellow, red and black paper (in true Mickey style) and cut out the character names in red with a black shadow again using the Mickey and friends cartridge.  I like how it came out and hope my brother enjoys it too.   
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Card Class planned (finally)

Card club planned! Finally, this month was truly a labor of love because I haven't been able to be creative over the course of the semester.  I think I needed kick start my creative brain.  The first card (the Father's Day card) was pretty much from my brain.  I knew I wanted to have the girls create their own background paper using the stamps from this set (which I love!! I'll get into why later in the post).  I thought a lot about how to do what I wanted to do, which was probably was my problem,  I over thought.  I looked on Pinterest for inspiration and I saw a triple layer card and thought this is perfect! So I set out to create it.  I put it together and stared at it for quite awhile I originally was have the score line on the left.  I didn't like that so finally I flipped the card, so the line would be on the top! That was the ticket.  I cut the shape for the sentiment using my gypsy so I could create the perfect mat for it (which is soooo easy with the gypsy).  I love how it came out over all. Now why do I love this stamp set? It reminds me of my great grandfather.  He was very talented man when it came to tools.  He created two of the large funiture pieces in my craft room (the dry sink which I use as my Cricut station and the huge hutch that I store all my close to my heart stamps on).  I will hopefully post an updated room tour soon.  I have to pick up first.  I might even do a video!  On to the second card. 
The second card is based on a card in the catalog (page 50). I used a different trailer stamp and instead of using what looks like a my stickease sticker I stamped the tree from the stamp set behind the trailer because I cut the trailer out of off white cardstock I could stamp it so it looks like a taller tree behind the trailer.  I also didn't use the 3-D embellishments to keep down costs plus I didn't have them on hand anyway. I like what I came up with and hope the girls do too.  
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