Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This month's close to my heart promos

I don't normally publicize my close to my heart stuff on here (other then the cards I make), but this month there are some amazing deals and special stamps, so I'll do one big post for the month.

Donate to American Red Cross (May 23-June 30)
Close to my heart loves to give back.  We offer the option to donate to operation smile all the time, but when events
 happen like the tornado s in Oklahoma they will typical fins a special way for our customers to help out something they create a special stamp set, but this time we are offering an early release from our fall/winter catalog.  For $2.95 you can give to American red cross which is helping
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Motorcycle themed cards

For some reason this wont upload...
I've been making motorcycle themed cards to hopefully sell in a few weeks.  I've made multiple because its easier and because that way more will be available. 

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Card workshops

Over the weekend I completed two of the three card workshops in the Close to my Heart Wishes book (which is now retired).  The first workshop used 4 pieces of card stock and two pieces of pattern paper and 20 blank cards.  In the end I ended up creating 20 cards!  The second workshop took 2 pieces of card stock and 1 piece of pattern paper.  I completed 16 cards for a total of 36 cards.  I love when I can just sit down cut, stamp and glue! Simple and easy! 
Workshop 1(minus one picture I forgot to take I'll share it later) 
Workshop 2
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