Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm away for a week

Sadly I'm away for a week well not really a week but about 5 days I can't wait I'm home. I know that's silly but I love my pets and I hate being away. My cat is the sweetest thing and I can't imagine my morning with out my routine with him. I aways lay in bed with him and he meows at me and purrs and coes and I just love that being apart of my morning. I don't want to be without him, but I can't bring him with me cause I will be at the beach all day and thats not fair to him. So 5 days without my Ray-Ray. This will be my first time leaving him I guess its the fur mommy in me. I can't wait to be back and being able to share and create so until then I'm signing off. Enjoy your week bloggers. Pin It Now!

Taking a break from the heat

Today so far I got all my clothes in the camper, cleaned out the van, scrubbed all the chairs and boy is it hot out. So because its so hot I came in to have lunch and cool down and in my free time I made a button bracelet and another necklace (this time in blacks/greys/etc). I don't know why but I find these a lot of fun. I think I will take some buttons and string on vacation and I was thinking about running to Joann's to get some latches. I also think the hemp is going to come with me so I can keep my hands busy on the beach. I might go buy myself I new hemp book (I have one just don't have a clue were it is). Now off to put all the chairs in the van. Pin It Now!

A Button Filled Morning

I woke up this morning thinking of buttons... Yes buttons!! Can you believe it. I was thinking how can I use alot of buttons on one project?? I love creating jewelry and I don't do it very often but when I do I'm really proud, so this morning I infused my love of jewelry and my love of buttons and I created this beautiful necklace using some of my great grandma's button collection, so not only is this a fun piece of jewelry it is a piece of my great grandma and probably some of my great great grandma. Most of the buttons came from their clothes things they wore. How cool is that. My mom thinks I'm nuts and isn't a fan of my necklace, but that is typical. Pin It Now!