Friday, August 14, 2009

Altered Postcard swap

Well I joined in on this swap that I wasn't exactually sure of. The job was to alter a vintage postcard and I kept staring at mine thinking what should I do what is this going to become. I think my problem was that I saw a couple of the other ladies and they were so amazing that I kinda got a creative block when it came to this project, so today I sat and looked at it again. Then tried gesso-ing the "greeting out" but I couldn't get the right effect to recreate the water so I had to come up with something to over it. So I had a sheet of rub-ons with saying and the Home stood out because the little house on the hill is a home. A little stickles and some metal accents and voila!! Pin It Now!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Altered Dream House

I have had a ton of fun with the altered house them. This is my Dream house I will be happy with the simple things in life love, happiness, and anywhere my kitty Raven is lol (he is a key piece of my dream as well as someone very special to me). Other then that I would love a chandelier in my home and a mix of classic and vintage items. The White Picket fence was just a cute detail on the front with the paper flowers I love from prima (if only all flowers with as easy as just sticking them in your front yard). I kept the front simple. I really wish I didn't have to give it away but someone with enjoy it and I will get an amazing one in return. I hope you enjoy my dream house and now I have to start pondering the next one. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An ATC filled day

Labor Day Swap

Crown Swap

Season Swap

Fashion Swap

Well I have been bust the last couple days starting various swaps and moving on to the next because one had to dry. Then repeating it all over again. Today I put the finishing touches on and these are the finished products. Enjoy and happy creating.
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I'll start with a teaser...

From my Mystery project. I wonder what else I did... OH wait I know!! lol. You wont see the final project till closer to our next meeting date. Pin It Now!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Need an opinion here

Well Yesterday I work in my studio for awhile and got some trades started. I have my Labor day and seasons started. I have my dream house finished. My reason for posting today was because I need some help. I love my idea for the labor day swap. I thought Rosie the Riveter was a good idea. An Icon of working women, but I'm not sure how I like it with just her, the yellow background and the "we can do it" so I changed one of my three card to look like the second opition I figure I can always redo one card if need be. So which one do you like better with or with out the lines. I kinda like it both ways but I'm not sure. I think with the lines you can see the W in clear embossing better, but let me know.
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