Thursday, August 13, 2009

Altered Dream House

I have had a ton of fun with the altered house them. This is my Dream house I will be happy with the simple things in life love, happiness, and anywhere my kitty Raven is lol (he is a key piece of my dream as well as someone very special to me). Other then that I would love a chandelier in my home and a mix of classic and vintage items. The White Picket fence was just a cute detail on the front with the paper flowers I love from prima (if only all flowers with as easy as just sticking them in your front yard). I kept the front simple. I really wish I didn't have to give it away but someone with enjoy it and I will get an amazing one in return. I hope you enjoy my dream house and now I have to start pondering the next one. Pin It Now!

1 comment:

Tabitha said...

i love how you took the pic against the window screen and you can see the house outside too. very artful photography and great house! :o)