Friday, December 3, 2010

some Christmas Crafting for my home

So I have been a little busy with some Christmas crafting.  Most of which are for presents so I can't share but this was done kind of for myself.  I sat down on the floor and start to make myself a paper chain like I did as a child, but the new and improve version of course.  I used my beautiful scrapbook papers.  So after two nights I have beautiful paper chain in my bathroom.  And then I starting doing some research on how I could make a paper wreath and decided to go for it.  I'm not very good with a hot glue gun I burned myself quite a few times before my Wreath was done.  But one old book, a foam wreath base, lots of hot glue and two nights later I had my beautiful book wreath.  I wanted to do something different with mine of course cause it seems everyone leaves their's oh natural.  I sprayed mine with glimmer mist and wiped some pine green distress ink on it.  I want to put a bow on it but I need to do some brain storming because I don't want it to be  forever.  I change my mind often and I want to to be able to change whenever I want.  I think its because I don't want to put my wreath away.  I can't even imagine trying to store it so that it wont get ruined.  So I want the bow to change with the seasons.  So I will update you later when I decide on what I'm doing.  So I most go I need to get some sleep I'm off to NYC in the morning for Christmas shopping. 
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Friday, November 26, 2010

Tradition take 2

Patches enjoying her food

Penny's 2nd thanksgiving

Notice how she leaves her veggies till last

Penny mid chew she looks pretty mean doesn't she?

my dainty child

takes her dear sweet time 

Sassy was already finished when I got to her with the camera

getting the crumbs off the floor

The turkey did its magic.  Passed out. 
 Well here I am up a 4 o'clock in the morning on black friday.  Not because I'm hitting all the sales (I honestly saw nothing worth while that I knew I would get, so why bother).  No I'm up because my phone woke me up (nothing exciting I promise).  So I figure hell why not share another Thanksgiving Tradition with the world.  Its kind of a silly one.  So the family dogs are like...well like family and what does the family get on T-day... Food.  So a silly family tradition in our house is that we make the dogs plates (on the china) for them to enjoy thanksgiving dinner after we are done.  This year was Patches first Thanksgiving with us so I took pictures and again I figure I will scrapbook my silly tradition.  The tough part about it for me was it was our first thanksgiving without Buster.  Even though I had to make the same amount of plates as last year I still felt the empty space.  I am a sappy, sentimental person and Buster was by far my best friend.  I literally would talk to him when I felt I couldn't talk to anyone else and he always just sat there and listened and let my just cry on his shoulder.  Penny and Patches don't sit still let alone listen on let me cry to them.  There will never be another Buster in this world.  I'm thankful that he's not suffering anymore and that I had so many years to cry on his shoulder without judgement, but I'm sad that he's not here for me to stop and just lay with him during my day or just pat him on the head and tell him I love him.  I hope someday it will be easier, but at the moment I'm not sure it will ever be.
RIP Buster I miss you
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Beautiful detail

my apron 

My apple pie, pie plate

crust ready to be filled

In the oven 

The apple pie ready for the oven


Well its Thanksgiving eve and I completed my big thanksgiving tradition.  Being the baker in the family I had to bake the pies.  I'm known for my french style Apple pie and thanksgiving wouldn't be the same with out it.  So today I set out to do my baking.  I decided to document it this year with pictures so that I can actually scrapbook it.  So tomorrow is the big day of family, the parade, and that lovely bird with all the fixings.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope its a great one and remember tell those you are thankful for that you are thankful for them because you never know what next year will bring and who will be sitting around the table or missing from it.  Its amazing what a year can bring.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An old tool box given new life

This antique tool box I found originally had a nasty green felt lining.  It was dirty probably because it was a man's tool box.  So when I began the project a few months ago I wanted to keep the outside of the box as is and create mini shadow boxes out of the drawers, but like I said that was months ago.  I did one drawer and then stopped because other things and projects were pushed up to the top of my list to complete.  So the other day I was dusting and doing a little bit of reorganizing when I looked at the toolbox again and a light went off in my head.  I'm always trying to go through my images, stickers and papers that I have put aside of Altered projects and I haven't been completely happy with how I had things stored.  I love that I use an old briefcase that my Great Grandfather had divided up for one of his cameras and all its lens, but the briefcase was getting quite stuffed and not easy to find things in.  Actually I out grew the briefcase and had stuff in a metal drawer and two 12x12 boxes.  In my new craft room its all about looking neat, so I decided that I would re organize my Altered art stuff between 1- 12x12 box, the briefcase and this toolbox and of course 4 slots in my paper rack (for the 12x12 paper).  So I went to finishing the toolbox.  Nothing fancy I just relined the drawers with Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper and Gel Medium.  Then yesterday I went through all stuff and organized it.  So now these empty drawers in the pictures are filled to the brim with images in different themes (Vintage Women, Vintage Children, Animals, Travel, and one drawer contains Game boards, labels, tickets and all sorts of fun).  And the bottom drawer is the perfect size for those long sticker sheets to lay flat. I'm so happy that I altered something that is beautiful, but sooo useful too.  I had pictures of the drawers filled but my camera didn't upload them for some reason oh well.  
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Art party lead to inspiration!

Front of the notebook 

closer up so you can see all the goodies

an altered envelope 

Inside Front cover

Inside back cover 

back cover
Me-flection close up

So Today I got together with a few of my art friends and we had a little project we worked on.  It was a "me-flection" using the bingo card as our base.  The challenge was to use a Mucha girl as Donna called them by artist Alphonse Mucha.  I don't really know why I choose the girl I did but she spoke to me today.  I just think it is because I'm constantly praying something will go right.  Which as far as my art I guess I'm constantly hoping not so much pray that what I create will make me happy and proud.  I also incorporated sheet music cause I enjoy singing and listening to music, a stamp of a hand writing with a quill to show my love of writing, the stamped cat peeking just reminded me of Raven who always seems to be in my face jealous of my art, scissors because I love my scissors they are the one tool that is basically in my hand 90% of the time.  The woman deep in thought because I am always thinking of what I can do next or how can I make something better, a button because of my love of buttons, and just the word free because when I am creating I feel free.  I attached the me-flection to a notebook and started to alter it while I was still with the ladies and then when I came home I completed it.  I am very happy with how it came out.  The whole thing was altered using Steampunk Debutante from Graphic 45.     Pin It Now!

Well its Saturday time for my Fall Finding Reveal

No wait that is my beautiful kitty Raven looking very handsome the other day on my messy bed. I couldn't resist taking a picture and he has to thank our swap partner Victoria for his new kitty catnip toys.  So he say "Meow" which is cat speak for thank you Victoria 

Raven toys and some yummy candy for mommy (which was basically consumed by my brother and dad)

The cigar box beyond full with goodies

Handmade cards and a lovely bookmark made for me 

some stamps and some more handmade goodies

Glimmer mist (score!!!) and beautiful trims!!!

An Awesome ATC stamp, and some other fun to include in my art!!

Images and ephemera to use in new creations  

and more!!! 

very sweet crochet items that I will be saving for just the right project.  I think I see some beeswax in the future 
So I joined up on my bloggerette sorority's Fall finds swap and I must say it was fun!! I enjoy making and sharing my art with others and receiving some new and different in return.  Sometimes its funny because I would have never thought to use somethings or alter others until I got into swaps.  And knowing you are getting a fun box that you don't know what will be enclosed is just exciting!! I was so happy to open the door and see that my package arrived and it is just not the same as buying something cause when you buy something you know what's going to me inside the box and the join of opening it last like a second of too.  This box was hours worth of joy just ask my family lol.  They were pretty bored of my joy after a few minutes.  After opening the box I got to go through and put it in its place with in my art studio and you know whats funny there was one little image that I was so happy to see and I don't think its even in the pictures.  It is from a Graphic 45 piece of paper from the Domestic Goddess line of a women with this beautiful blonde hair and red lipstick.  I made myself a really cool necklace with this image last year and it disappeared I was so disappointed when it came up missing and did want to buy a whole new sheet of paper for that little picture and there it was in the box of goodies so now I can make myself a similar necklace!!! I'll  share when I make it.  Thank you soooo much Victoria for being such a great partner!! I can't wait to use all of this fun stuff.  Raven loves his little mice!  The way our house is set up he can actually play with them because his sisters Penny and Patches can steal them from him (my dogs like cat toys I'm not sure why).  I'm looking forward to see what everyone else sent and received!!  Now its 1 am and I need to go to bed I have errands to run in the morning and then I'm off to have an art party with friends happy Halloween everyone!! Check out Victoria's page to see what I sent her at Things I learn from Bear.

PS.  Feel free to see what the other sisters did on Some Days are Diamonds that is the house mother's page and she has us linking on the right side of her blog!
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