Saturday, August 29, 2009

Awesomely 80s mom layout

Well I have been trying to do something with these photos for awhile and then last night I was bored out of my mind and went into the scrapbook/art studio and stared at this for awhile. I had these pictures on a paper from the same line which was neon pink with blue and green splat marks. I liked it but didn't love it so I kept moving it to another sheet of background paper. Until I fell on this one pictured below. I liked it but didn't love it yet. So I took out my Tim Holtz distress inks my mini misters and my blending tool and went work.
This is what the background looked like before.

Then here it is after I went to work. I chose blue and greens because the chair my mom is sitting on has blue and green in it. After I used the mini mister to allow the ink to blend and travel I dried it using my heat gun and then iron it flat with an iron on a low setting.

Completed page

This is an altered prima flower. The flowers were oringally white, but that didn't work with what I was doing so I took my ink pad smeared it on my non stick craft mat. Used my mini mister to get the ink to bead up then put the flower in face down. I then dried it with my heat gun and repeated the process until the color was where I liked it. I then stamped in black soot ink a design from a stamp set. Added a brad and done.

And lastly this is what I enjoy most about my scrapbook room. It is a place were my pets (most oftenly the cats) come to relax with me. When I completed the page I looked to the window where Raven had been sleeping most of the morning and I found him and Kricket curled up together cuddling. It brought a smile to my lips. Pin It Now!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Project complete

Well I put the finishing touches on my canvases this evening. I decided instead of putting a ribbon and hanging each canvas on its own, I instead stapled the ribbon to the bottom of the inspire canvases and stapled that same ribbon to the top of the beauty canvases. I really love how it came out. Click the picture to blow it up and see the details. Pin It Now!

A fruitful night

Well last night was not wasted in my art studio. I completed 2 of 4 mini canvas pieces that I wanted to work on for myself. I kept looking at the mini canvases and thinking I wanted to have each focus on a word that was important to me. Then I painted the four piece a uniform Denim blue (which I'm almost out of). Then I took out my Tim Holtz grunge board letters and punched out inspire laid it on the canvas and it didn't fit. So I had to rethink things. I decided that I wanted to use the Grunge board letters and that I could do one word spilt between two canvases. I really like how it came out. Now I just have to run to micheals for more of the ribbon I was using cause I'm out and get the glue dots I have been putting off getting cause I'm almost out. Enjoy Pin It Now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Escaping to my craft room

The last couple of days have not been my greatest. I have had a lot mentally going on. So today I took a little trip to Micheals and bought some clearance paper and some more Tim Holtz Masks. And Now I think I'm going to head to my art studio and start working on something. What I'm not sure but something. I'm to the point that even if I go in there and clean something up or stare at the wall something might come to me. Who knows I can only hope. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Home with another teaser

So the beach was nice it gave me time to think about some things that have been going through my head. I enjoyed the beach and the boardwalk the weather was nice aside from Hurricane Bill. It created some very big waves the last two days that stopped me from going into the ocean. I'm not a strong swimmer and have a slight fear of water. I burned as usual even with sunscreen. Although not as badly as in the past. I possibly saw the taping of the Real world. Although MTV has Seaside calling it a "series" but honestly what "series" follows a bunch of people around, tape then at work and have a house with a hot tub on top of a boardwalk store. I'm sure I was on camera a couple times (I doubt I will actually be shown) we walked by the cast members as they were walking the boardwalk. It was interesting. Now just waiting till they offically annouce the series and then I can watch. So anyway I bring you another sneak peek of my altered mystery project. Enjoy. I can't wait till I can unveil it completely. Pin It Now!