Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Home with another teaser

So the beach was nice it gave me time to think about some things that have been going through my head. I enjoyed the beach and the boardwalk the weather was nice aside from Hurricane Bill. It created some very big waves the last two days that stopped me from going into the ocean. I'm not a strong swimmer and have a slight fear of water. I burned as usual even with sunscreen. Although not as badly as in the past. I possibly saw the taping of the Real world. Although MTV has Seaside calling it a "series" but honestly what "series" follows a bunch of people around, tape then at work and have a house with a hot tub on top of a boardwalk store. I'm sure I was on camera a couple times (I doubt I will actually be shown) we walked by the cast members as they were walking the boardwalk. It was interesting. Now just waiting till they offically annouce the series and then I can watch. So anyway I bring you another sneak peek of my altered mystery project. Enjoy. I can't wait till I can unveil it completely. Pin It Now!


Hel said...

Welcome Back! Very, very nice. I am envious that you have completed the secret mission. I on the other hand am having difficulty getting started. Can't even imagine how I am going to use all those pieces. Maybe your little teaser will help me get some inspiration. I enjoy your work. Helen

Tabitha said...

wow, i can tell already that its going to be gorgeous!!! i still havent started mine either!