Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's and Winter theme

I have been busy today finishing up some projects one of which is due next weekend.  Besides that I haven't really done much today because I spent all day yesterday for company my parents were having over, so my house is already pretty clean.  This morning didn't start out so well.  I awoke to my bedroom a lot colder then it should have been.  I over heard my parents disscussing the furnace and decided it would be a good idea to stay where I was.  Warm under the covers with Penny and Raven.  I got up at my usual time and got ready for the day as my mother waited for the repair guy, who couldn't repair our furance she went off to work some time later and I got to wait for the second repair guy, so what else can I do but sit in my craft room with a cup of tea and create.  I completed these two pieces.  The First is my LFB page for next month's meeting with the ladies can you tell I can't wait to go back I already complete the page for it which I normally wait till the last second. I am beyond inspired by Valentine's day.  I love the Reds and pinks it means we are getting closer to spring and color in the world no more bare trees, cold weather and snow.  Don't get me wrong I like snow just can't wait for it to be gone.  So lots of V-day art to come!!

The other project has been kinda hanging over my head for awhile.  It is an altered Chipboard mitten.  I love the idea just not the idea of create something celebrating the cold.  I just didn't feel it... I think it is not my best work.  I have moments where I feel this way.  I don't even know if I want to trade it because to be honest I wouldn't want my own in return.  If that makes sense.  I already had the front started so I kinda had to stick with it.  I thought about doing a valentine's themed mitten but that would mean starting over and I don't want to start over!! So here it is my boring altered mitten. 

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Quick pop in

I just wanted to pop in and share my LFB page I did for Little Fat Book Club.  I really feel I over thought the concept.  The only requirement was that we had to have something move.  I wanted to do some sort of spinner, but just couldn't figure out how to do it with in the 4x4 so that when the person received they could put their holes where they wanted.  So I decided to do simple pull outs that I also altered into mini colleges.  I kinda like it but it isn't what I orignally wanted.  I was lucky that Tabitha recieved because I forgot to take pictures of it, so I asked her do it for me.  On to the next theme... Angels, Cupid, "winged Beings" Valentine's.  should be interesting.
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine's Day LFB pages

Well yesterday evening I spent some time at my local stamp store Stampassion and did some creating.  It was a wonderful evening that got me out of the house for a couple of hours and allowed me to visit with some friends (old and new).  And by old I mean friends I have only known for a year or so but couldn't imagine life without now.  Now normally when I visit the ladies for LFBC I don't get much done.  I use it as a social time and get easily distracted by all the goodies in the store, but last night was an unusual evening I guess.  I completed 2 LFB pages.  One for my self you can see on the left and one for a trade the one below.  The theme for the trade was Valentine's day and we had to include three inchies from other artist.  I find it fun to create a two part trade.  Something different.  I'm always looking for something different it keeps me creating.
Well I'm off to do some organizing in my scrapbook room maybe some purging.  I might start a new friend on scrapbooking and I love to pass stuff off to the next person who will use it cause I'm not. Enjoy and keep on crafting!!!
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