Friday, January 22, 2010

Valentine's and Winter theme

I have been busy today finishing up some projects one of which is due next weekend.  Besides that I haven't really done much today because I spent all day yesterday for company my parents were having over, so my house is already pretty clean.  This morning didn't start out so well.  I awoke to my bedroom a lot colder then it should have been.  I over heard my parents disscussing the furnace and decided it would be a good idea to stay where I was.  Warm under the covers with Penny and Raven.  I got up at my usual time and got ready for the day as my mother waited for the repair guy, who couldn't repair our furance she went off to work some time later and I got to wait for the second repair guy, so what else can I do but sit in my craft room with a cup of tea and create.  I completed these two pieces.  The First is my LFB page for next month's meeting with the ladies can you tell I can't wait to go back I already complete the page for it which I normally wait till the last second. I am beyond inspired by Valentine's day.  I love the Reds and pinks it means we are getting closer to spring and color in the world no more bare trees, cold weather and snow.  Don't get me wrong I like snow just can't wait for it to be gone.  So lots of V-day art to come!!

The other project has been kinda hanging over my head for awhile.  It is an altered Chipboard mitten.  I love the idea just not the idea of create something celebrating the cold.  I just didn't feel it... I think it is not my best work.  I have moments where I feel this way.  I don't even know if I want to trade it because to be honest I wouldn't want my own in return.  If that makes sense.  I already had the front started so I kinda had to stick with it.  I thought about doing a valentine's themed mitten but that would mean starting over and I don't want to start over!! So here it is my boring altered mitten. 

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Tabitha said...

actually, i really like your mitten alot. the tree stamp worked nicely on it, and the little girl under it is adorable.

Amy said...

these are beautiful :)

Amy said...
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Peggy Beck said...

Ginger, Tim Holtz has a saying.
It is "Never apologize for your art" I think your mitten is adorable and I wouldn't mind getting it. You are too critical of your work. I understand what you are saying though. Sometimes we are not in the "zone". It doesn't mean it's not good.
It is.

Ginger said...

Thank you all. Especially Peggy for remind me that I shouldn't be so critical of myself. It is something I have always done and it is a hard habit to break. When I was writing I constantly was editting it could always fixed or changes and I guess that has carried over to my visual art and I NEED to stop. I think I'm going to make an art piece with that quote to put on the wall in front of me in my craft room as a constant reminder.