Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Valentine's Day LFB pages

Well yesterday evening I spent some time at my local stamp store Stampassion and did some creating.  It was a wonderful evening that got me out of the house for a couple of hours and allowed me to visit with some friends (old and new).  And by old I mean friends I have only known for a year or so but couldn't imagine life without now.  Now normally when I visit the ladies for LFBC I don't get much done.  I use it as a social time and get easily distracted by all the goodies in the store, but last night was an unusual evening I guess.  I completed 2 LFB pages.  One for my self you can see on the left and one for a trade the one below.  The theme for the trade was Valentine's day and we had to include three inchies from other artist.  I find it fun to create a two part trade.  Something different.  I'm always looking for something different it keeps me creating.
Well I'm off to do some organizing in my scrapbook room maybe some purging.  I might start a new friend on scrapbooking and I love to pass stuff off to the next person who will use it cause I'm not. Enjoy and keep on crafting!!!
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