Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Work

I'm back in the scrapbook room working on altered art. Yippie!! I'm glad to finally feel like I can create something! Pin It Now!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak peek Christmas Ornaments

Yesterday I spent the day with my amazing art friends. We discussed all sorts of topics. One of which was feeling comfortable in our skin (more so Art skin) and know who we are as an artist. For the first time in many years as I metioned in early posts I finally feel comfortable as an artist. Well after my fun day I stopped at ac moore to look for fun things to create for christmas presents. I would like for the most part to make all my christmas presents this year because I find them more meaningful. Well I found some fun stuff and came home and just started to plug away. I created some cute little christmas ornaments to give to friends and family and one of course for myself. So I will show mine that I made so you have an idea of what I have been up too. These were simple to make and a lot of fun at the same time. Pin It Now!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Swaps complete!!!

First off I want to apologize for the fact that the photos aren't croped like I normally crop them, but I just got lazy today. I created these two little fat book pages and necklace yesterday. The necklace was supposed to be a gift but I made a second one so I could have the first one. I think all came out really good. The first little fat book page is for the Christmas Inchies swap at the Vintage Room it was a fun swap where we created inches to be sent to Fran who then swapped them and sent us back a collection of everyone else's work we then had to incorpate three of inches in a little fat book page. It is suprisingly difficult to do this task especially when differnt color schemes are used on each inchies, but I made it work and created a winter scene with my new vintage ice skater stamp I picked up the stamp store on tuesday. I am falling in love with her as you can tell. She is too cute and a great muse for the incoming winter.

The next Little fat book page is another swap that I hosted at the Vintage Room The theme was Thankful for... needless to say I am thankful for a lot of things this year but one of the many things is my art and the friendships I have created while finding myself as an artist. The funny thing is that growing up I always new I was an artist. It was just this feeling I had that I had to create. I was never proud of my work persay. I just drew things that weren't that good, wrote poems (that I was told were good), I tried pottery and painting and in the end could find my creative outlet. Then I walked into my Local Scrapbook store and feel like I was home. Literally that was the first feeling I had when I walked in the door. I started small with my baby pictures and as time went on I grew. I worked and played in my scrapbook store till it closed a couple of years ago :(. Then I was feeling lost as a scrapbooker about a year ago. My pictures ran out in a sense and was feeling frustrated about the holes in photos (missing pictures because of my mother's divorce). SO my best friend started telling me about ATC and this great local group that she had joined and later taken over and after some push from her I started playing with this new medium for me. And a monster was born... that has allowed me to create beautiful pieces of "ART" that I can be beyond proud of. This piece was done in beeswax which is my new fun techique to play with. I have rambled enough for this evening. I can't wait to go create with my friend tomorrow!!! Pin It Now!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beeswax galore

Well I just got beeswax and this evening I create on an insane level. The trouble with beeswas is that it takes time for it to heat up so you want to create multiple projects at once. So I did 3 birthday themed little fat book pages and 1 book mark I'm pretty proud of myself. I am loving the beeswax! Pin It Now!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black and White LFB page

Well next week I am hopefully going to my little fat book club meeting, so I made my page to trade. Tabitha pick Black and white as the theme and when she was hear she did her page when we were doing our beeswax. I wasn't sure I could do JUST black and white, but I sat down in my craft room and started putting together bits and pieces and I ended up the page above.

Supplies used:

Tim Holtz Stamps
Tim Holtz film strip
Distress Ink (Black soot, Antique linen, and emboss)
Clear embossing powder
Ranger archival ink
Prima Flowers
Lock brads
Pattern paper (making memories)
Stickles (Frosted lace and black diamond)
Black gem (Queen and company)
lace (purchased from Joann's)
Black Cardstock
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

first beewax creation

Well here it is my first beeswax creation. Tabitha and Elise came over so that Tabitha could teach Elise and I how to use beeswax. I have to say I love it. It is a lot of fun. I have all the stuff aside from the actual beeswax. I love when my dad's rc tools are useful in my craft room. So the theme I went with for my beeswax canvas is domestic diva. I got graphic 45's Domestic diva tabs, buttons, some lace, a couple of medal charms, and a dress pattern. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Away to long

Sorry I have been gone so long without posting, but I have been busy starting my christmas stuff. I wanted to get a head start this year. I swear I didn't forget about the blog. I'm sure I will here "post your christmas cards, but I'm weird I can't. I feel like they should be a surprise ever year to my friends and family, so that they can enjoy them first. So when I'm confident that they all have been recieved I will post pictures. I have 3 designs done 12 of one, 12 of another, and about 24 of a third so in total about 48 cards are complete. I think I will be doing some more as back up. I was hoping that I would just continue doing them till I have good start for next year, but I'm not sure that will happen because I have other christmas creations to do as presents. I like to do a couple scrapbook/art related gifts every year it allows me to still create without feeling guilty during the holiday season. lol. That all for now. I hope to have another post soon with some other stuff I've been doing. ttyl Pin It Now!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Vintage Poker chip Necklaces

I made these vintage poker chip necklaces. One of them is mine which I'm wearing right now I love it. The other's are presents. I really enjoy making them. Anyone wants one email me at fireangelreborn2000@yahoo.com I can personalize it for you with an intial, a word, on a favorite image or picture. We can discuss price through email. Pin It Now!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween fun

Well with Halloween around the corner I thought it was time to do some Halloween crafts because Halloween is my favorite holiday. So I went to Micheal's to find some pumpkins to alter and found this amazing little skull. He is paper mache (sp) so I painted him orange then went back and painted him with Tim Holtz Distress paint (my favorite). Then I took the Tim Holtz Lost and Found stamp set which I just got and used the flock of birds stamp. Then I took an inkadoo. Halloween stamp set for the Trick or treat, the spiders and the spider webs. I used some stickles to bling out the spiders. Then I took one of the wings from Tim Holtz Grunge board and painted them purple and highlighted the dot pattern with orange and green paint. When it was dry I stamped the Spider webs on them and braded them to the back of the skull.

The Pumpkin is pretty simple again it was a paper mache piece boring brown. I painted it orange then the stem with Tim Holtz distress paint. I printed some images off the Internet (they are for my use only and i looked up free images) then I modge podged them around the pumpkin. After that I search my craft room high and low for green wire I know I have somewhere. I couldn't find it so I took boring silver wire and wrapped it with green ribbon. I used clear accent to glue the ends to the wire and voila I had some pumpkin vine.

The last little project I'm working on is an experiment. I bought these really great flat poker chips to alter and the first thing I came up with is to make them into charms for necklaces so I started to play and I came up with these cute halloween pieces that I'm going to give to my little cousins for halloween. They will be double sided one side the cat that you see in the group shot and the other is going to be a monster from a K&company piece of paper I had. I think these will make cool birthday gifts for some very special artists I know. Shhhh don't tell them. lol. I have about 300 poker chips to play with so we'll see. well that is all I have to share for now. I'm going to get in some craft time tonight hopefully. I have some projects due soon. Pin It Now!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for the reveal... Mystery Project time

The box and supplies before:

The Results:

Well the Swap is complete so I can post the pictures of the cigar box project that I completed. It was a fun and new challenge and I loved the result so much I didn't want to give it up, but I did and recieved an amazing box in return. I will have to post pictures of the box i recieved. I can't wait to do another one. Pin It Now!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Heart art

I bought these cute hearts at micheal's awhile ago not sure what to do with them, but today I pulled them out and started painted with Tim Holtz Distress paint. Then I made a little trip with my gram to Joanne's and got some pretty copper embossing powder to use a long with some new stamps. It took some time but I figured I would drill holes into the hearts and hang them where I plan to put some cute short curtains to hide all my moms "other" craft stuff. I really like how these came out. Pin It Now!