Friday, November 20, 2009

Swaps complete!!!

First off I want to apologize for the fact that the photos aren't croped like I normally crop them, but I just got lazy today. I created these two little fat book pages and necklace yesterday. The necklace was supposed to be a gift but I made a second one so I could have the first one. I think all came out really good. The first little fat book page is for the Christmas Inchies swap at the Vintage Room it was a fun swap where we created inches to be sent to Fran who then swapped them and sent us back a collection of everyone else's work we then had to incorpate three of inches in a little fat book page. It is suprisingly difficult to do this task especially when differnt color schemes are used on each inchies, but I made it work and created a winter scene with my new vintage ice skater stamp I picked up the stamp store on tuesday. I am falling in love with her as you can tell. She is too cute and a great muse for the incoming winter.

The next Little fat book page is another swap that I hosted at the Vintage Room The theme was Thankful for... needless to say I am thankful for a lot of things this year but one of the many things is my art and the friendships I have created while finding myself as an artist. The funny thing is that growing up I always new I was an artist. It was just this feeling I had that I had to create. I was never proud of my work persay. I just drew things that weren't that good, wrote poems (that I was told were good), I tried pottery and painting and in the end could find my creative outlet. Then I walked into my Local Scrapbook store and feel like I was home. Literally that was the first feeling I had when I walked in the door. I started small with my baby pictures and as time went on I grew. I worked and played in my scrapbook store till it closed a couple of years ago :(. Then I was feeling lost as a scrapbooker about a year ago. My pictures ran out in a sense and was feeling frustrated about the holes in photos (missing pictures because of my mother's divorce). SO my best friend started telling me about ATC and this great local group that she had joined and later taken over and after some push from her I started playing with this new medium for me. And a monster was born... that has allowed me to create beautiful pieces of "ART" that I can be beyond proud of. This piece was done in beeswax which is my new fun techique to play with. I have rambled enough for this evening. I can't wait to go create with my friend tomorrow!!! Pin It Now!


Amy said...

Beautiful work, you are crazy-talented!!

Ginger said...

Thank you amy.

Peggy Beck said...

Love the work Ginger and the stamp too. I am jealous of your stamp. I may have to order her myself.

you are very talented as Amy said and I like having you as my art friend.

Ginger said...

Thank you Peggy and you are an amazing art friend too!!