Saturday, May 2, 2009

A proud moment

Where to start... My ATC group has brought a lot great blog's to my attention. I came across a local woman's blog who has a very sick niece and she on occasion updates everyone on her blog on how her niece is doing. Well another former member of my atc group is arranging a special swap to send to this little girl. The card are supposed to be heart shaped. I am really proud of the card I did. It is simple but I think it came out good. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snow White Swap

This month I hosted a Snow White Swap at one of my ATC Groups. It is a great group of ladies feel free to check out. In My Vintage Room Anyway it took me awhile to create these ones. I wasn't as inspired to do ATC as I was to do the cards I have been doing. I like how they came out. I read through the fairy tale to refresh my memories and found some things that were neat for the card. Of course the Apple that does poor Snow White in but in the story I found the following lines were repeated "White as Snow, Red as Blood, Black as Ebony Wood" so each card has a part of that line. I used the mirror, the apple and also from the story I found one card has the corest lacing on it. Because according to what I read the evil queen first ties Snow White's Corest too tightly so she passes out. Pin It Now!