Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Women

So here is my take on my friends idea.  Tabitha set up a swap in the Vintage room.  The stipulation was that you had to use images from the college sheets she made for us.  The images were black and white so I took the time to color them with colored pencil (so is watercolor pencil). So vintage ribbon, vintage repo papers borders, stamps and some embellishments.  I haven't really created anything for a trade in quite awhile I think these came out pretty good. I'm just saying I would keep em.  Lol. 
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The Start of Weekly Giveaways

Well I have decided that I'm going to share some books that I have kicking around with my readers.  I'm going to start by doing a giveaway once a week.  So if you would like a fun little gift/surprise in your mailbox please leave me a message by Monday June 21.  I will choose one random winner to receive a new book. Pin It Now!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm sorry for being away but I'm dealing with my personal life.  Which is not so fun sometimes. I haven't had anytime to myself let alone to create something.  So This past week I have been taking sometime time in my craft room.  The first piece I created was the one above which a beach inspired beeswax canvas.  I haven't touched my beeswax in FOREVER.  I'm actually running low which is probably why I haven't touched it cause I felt like I wouldn't have enough for my next piece and I haven't been in a craft store in ages, but I need to make a special trip to get some beeswax.  I have to put the blinders on though.  Today I spent the second half of my day in my craft creating a college to cut into LFB sized pieces.  I find this amazing.  That something 12x12 looks so different when you cut it into little pieces.  Below are the results.  

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