Friday, March 9, 2012

Where have I been?

Well I took a couple days off to complete my close to my heart class this coming Tuesday. I decided to go back to elementals paper pack because I think its a great guy color pallet. The group will be making a birthday card and a cute little fry box that I'm going to get candy to put in that can be given as a gift. The half girls will be making the card with the pacific blue and the other half will be making the card using the sunset orange card stock. Both look awesome. Then the grit box I'm leaving up to the ladies they can either put a star or a flower on front. I used the celebration stamp that came with the cricut set. Then the party pennants
Set for the card which is one of my favorite sets. I hope the girls enjoy them. My wheels are already turning for April and may's classes!!!
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thinking of you today.. card

So I made this card for someone special who is in the hospital. I've been playing with these paper for two days trying to make them into cards then today I remembered the latest edition of paper crafts had a great article on different materials to make flowers from. One stood out from the rest... Recycled paper bag flowers. So I cut up a paper bag from my last trip to the store and cut out flowers from Mother's day bouquet in varying sizes 3", 2.5", 2" and 1.5". The paper I used is from DCWV's rockstar pack the stamps used came from unity stamp company "thinking about you today.." and the stitch from an unmarked close to my heart set (which means it came in a special kit), other supplies include a brad from making memories, embossing power (pumpkin and hot pink) from hampton art, brown card stock from bazzill, bubble gum ink from close to my heart and foam squares. These recycled paper bag flowers are a lot of fun, but when cutting on your cricut be extra watchful. The mat didn't like the paper bag so I used painters tape to hold it down and pushed on the paper as it was cutting just to help it stay in place. A few petals ripped when cutting but I liked them a little ripped and tattered.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From drab to fab- little plates

I have been want to do this quick project with my cricut forever!!! I have been going in thrift shops looks for small plain white plates with gold around the edges. I have seen a few but nothing seemed worth it. Most of the time the price or quantity wasn't right. So this weekend as you know I went to a garage sale in the bins I found these not so great plates and the light bulb went off. My project can finally be done! I love them the only thing I didn't account for was how big the pattern in the center was but the worked out thank goodness.
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Finished March little fat book page

I love this guy he came out too cute for words!!! He is more cutesy then I usually do so I feel like he's missing something, but I don't really want to add much more to him. Maybe some stickles a little later. I love my idea to make my own spring, so he bounces around on the page.
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Garage sale finds

As all of you know I love, love, love me some buttons so when my boss from the deli I help at once and awhile had a garage sale and I found two big tins of buttons I had to have them! Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my day sorting them into colors categories. And now I have a huge tin of just white and off white buttons!! The rest of my collection takes up about 4 mason jars. I'm in button heaven! I also came away with an adorable metal tissue box for my bathroom, a small box of vintage costume jewelry that I thought I would use on my art, but I might end up wearing instead cause its cute. Two tubs of toys to sort through and clean for my nephews play room and a bunch of misc nick-knacks. She is doing the sale next weekend too I might go down and do some more digging at some point.
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A work in progress march Lfb

This little guy is for my green little fat book page swap that I'm hosting this month. I don't have too much in the saint patty's day department surprisingly enough. Only a few pieces of paper and a couple stamps that would work. The fact of the matter is on Saint Patrick's day I love to celebrate/dress up and think of my late grandpa Jim and his family, but I don't really have anyone to send a saint patty's day card. So I don't plan to add to the collection anytime soon. So I went to my cricut cartridge and found the adorable Simply Charmed it has two little leprechauns and a pot of gold. So I cut out one of the leprechauns and put him together then I found Lucky
On the indie art cart. I thought my little friend looked a little flat so I created a spring by myself and hot glued it to the little fat book page and the leprechaun so now he can dance like he should. I would like to do a little more. Thank you for checking in.
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