Monday, March 5, 2012

Garage sale finds

As all of you know I love, love, love me some buttons so when my boss from the deli I help at once and awhile had a garage sale and I found two big tins of buttons I had to have them! Yesterday I spent a good chunk of my day sorting them into colors categories. And now I have a huge tin of just white and off white buttons!! The rest of my collection takes up about 4 mason jars. I'm in button heaven! I also came away with an adorable metal tissue box for my bathroom, a small box of vintage costume jewelry that I thought I would use on my art, but I might end up wearing instead cause its cute. Two tubs of toys to sort through and clean for my nephews play room and a bunch of misc nick-knacks. She is doing the sale next weekend too I might go down and do some more digging at some point.
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