Monday, March 5, 2012

A work in progress march Lfb

This little guy is for my green little fat book page swap that I'm hosting this month. I don't have too much in the saint patty's day department surprisingly enough. Only a few pieces of paper and a couple stamps that would work. The fact of the matter is on Saint Patrick's day I love to celebrate/dress up and think of my late grandpa Jim and his family, but I don't really have anyone to send a saint patty's day card. So I don't plan to add to the collection anytime soon. So I went to my cricut cartridge and found the adorable Simply Charmed it has two little leprechauns and a pot of gold. So I cut out one of the leprechauns and put him together then I found Lucky
On the indie art cart. I thought my little friend looked a little flat so I created a spring by myself and hot glued it to the little fat book page and the leprechaun so now he can dance like he should. I would like to do a little more. Thank you for checking in.
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