Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Away to long

Sorry I have been gone so long without posting, but I have been busy starting my christmas stuff. I wanted to get a head start this year. I swear I didn't forget about the blog. I'm sure I will here "post your christmas cards, but I'm weird I can't. I feel like they should be a surprise ever year to my friends and family, so that they can enjoy them first. So when I'm confident that they all have been recieved I will post pictures. I have 3 designs done 12 of one, 12 of another, and about 24 of a third so in total about 48 cards are complete. I think I will be doing some more as back up. I was hoping that I would just continue doing them till I have good start for next year, but I'm not sure that will happen because I have other christmas creations to do as presents. I like to do a couple scrapbook/art related gifts every year it allows me to still create without feeling guilty during the holiday season. lol. That all for now. I hope to have another post soon with some other stuff I've been doing. ttyl Pin It Now!

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Amy said...

You are so ambitious :) I always have the best of intentions and say for sure, this year, I will make my Christmas cards. That started about 6 years ago. Haven't made a single one yet LOL :D