Saturday, January 30, 2010

Artful day

Ok well I can't get the hang of the new way blogger is which is disappointing.  I want things a certain way and it wont let me do it how I want.  Oh well.  Well today was nice time with some art friends then I went home and visited with my uncles, my aunt, my one uncles girlfriend and my little cousins, so over all today was a good day.  Today was my best friends birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tabitha!!!  It was a nice time creating with my friends from the vintage room.  I got a lot started then after my uncles left I did some finishing.  We created 1 inchie block and one twincie block.  I had all my images planned out then came home and did some embellishing.  I left the party with a warm feeling and I enjoy every minute I spend with my art friends... I guess I shouldn't just call them they are my friends.  Which in my world means so much more.  Anyway.  When I got home I played with my little projects and then remember that at the last gathering I started another inchie block and never finished so what did I do.  I finished so now now half finished art sitting around its all finished for the most part.  I am very proud today.

*** I just wanted to let you know I used my new Tim Holtz Disstress crackle rock candy on the bigger block. The stuff is amazing.  It gives awesome texture to and flat surface and gives pictures that little bit more.  I also think its neat that it flakes in sections to give that little bit more aging.  Tim Holtz you are amazing!
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Tabitha said...

they turned out great! i have to finish embellishing mine too!

Peggy Beck said...

Ginger I love them all. Yes the Tim Holtz Rock Candy is awesome too. Had a nice time at the meeting as well. Look forward to more meetings with you and the others.