Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm away for a week

Sadly I'm away for a week well not really a week but about 5 days I can't wait I'm home. I know that's silly but I love my pets and I hate being away. My cat is the sweetest thing and I can't imagine my morning with out my routine with him. I aways lay in bed with him and he meows at me and purrs and coes and I just love that being apart of my morning. I don't want to be without him, but I can't bring him with me cause I will be at the beach all day and thats not fair to him. So 5 days without my Ray-Ray. This will be my first time leaving him I guess its the fur mommy in me. I can't wait to be back and being able to share and create so until then I'm signing off. Enjoy your week bloggers. Pin It Now!

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Peggy said...

You are like a new Mom Ginger. Perfectly understandable. Hope you can enjoy your vacation without him. See you when you get back. Look forward to more of your work.