Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Beautiful detail

my apron 

My apple pie, pie plate

crust ready to be filled

In the oven 

The apple pie ready for the oven


Well its Thanksgiving eve and I completed my big thanksgiving tradition.  Being the baker in the family I had to bake the pies.  I'm known for my french style Apple pie and thanksgiving wouldn't be the same with out it.  So today I set out to do my baking.  I decided to document it this year with pictures so that I can actually scrapbook it.  So tomorrow is the big day of family, the parade, and that lovely bird with all the fixings.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Hope its a great one and remember tell those you are thankful for that you are thankful for them because you never know what next year will bring and who will be sitting around the table or missing from it.  Its amazing what a year can bring.
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Peggy Beck said...

I like your traditions and your pies look very delicious. Thanks for the well wishes and I hope your day is a wonderful one.

Anonymous said...

hope your day was as wonderful as those pies look...
my hubs makes the pumpkin pies...
i love apple {{{and blueberry}}}
have a great weekend...
i'm gearing up to send your package on monday :)