Wednesday, November 3, 2010

An old tool box given new life

This antique tool box I found originally had a nasty green felt lining.  It was dirty probably because it was a man's tool box.  So when I began the project a few months ago I wanted to keep the outside of the box as is and create mini shadow boxes out of the drawers, but like I said that was months ago.  I did one drawer and then stopped because other things and projects were pushed up to the top of my list to complete.  So the other day I was dusting and doing a little bit of reorganizing when I looked at the toolbox again and a light went off in my head.  I'm always trying to go through my images, stickers and papers that I have put aside of Altered projects and I haven't been completely happy with how I had things stored.  I love that I use an old briefcase that my Great Grandfather had divided up for one of his cameras and all its lens, but the briefcase was getting quite stuffed and not easy to find things in.  Actually I out grew the briefcase and had stuff in a metal drawer and two 12x12 boxes.  In my new craft room its all about looking neat, so I decided that I would re organize my Altered art stuff between 1- 12x12 box, the briefcase and this toolbox and of course 4 slots in my paper rack (for the 12x12 paper).  So I went to finishing the toolbox.  Nothing fancy I just relined the drawers with Tim Holtz Lost and Found paper and Gel Medium.  Then yesterday I went through all stuff and organized it.  So now these empty drawers in the pictures are filled to the brim with images in different themes (Vintage Women, Vintage Children, Animals, Travel, and one drawer contains Game boards, labels, tickets and all sorts of fun).  And the bottom drawer is the perfect size for those long sticker sheets to lay flat. I'm so happy that I altered something that is beautiful, but sooo useful too.  I had pictures of the drawers filled but my camera didn't upload them for some reason oh well.  
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Anonymous said...

WOW what a project...
but of course you are up for the job!!! I love it :D
HUGS xxx ~victoria~

Peggy Beck said...

I love your new toolbox. I think it is perfect for it's current use and where oh where did you ever find such a gem? Great job Ginger.

Trudi Sissons - Two Dresses Studio said...

beautiful!! next to boxes, I love drawers and drawers!!!

Ginger - I'm not sure if I was able to add your email address to my list of butterfly effect participants...could you send me an email directly to ?