Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well its Saturday time for my Fall Finding Reveal

No wait that is my beautiful kitty Raven looking very handsome the other day on my messy bed. I couldn't resist taking a picture and he has to thank our swap partner Victoria for his new kitty catnip toys.  So he say "Meow" which is cat speak for thank you Victoria 

Raven toys and some yummy candy for mommy (which was basically consumed by my brother and dad)

The cigar box beyond full with goodies

Handmade cards and a lovely bookmark made for me 

some stamps and some more handmade goodies

Glimmer mist (score!!!) and beautiful trims!!!

An Awesome ATC stamp, and some other fun to include in my art!!

Images and ephemera to use in new creations  

and more!!! 

very sweet crochet items that I will be saving for just the right project.  I think I see some beeswax in the future 
So I joined up on my bloggerette sorority's Fall finds swap and I must say it was fun!! I enjoy making and sharing my art with others and receiving some new and different in return.  Sometimes its funny because I would have never thought to use somethings or alter others until I got into swaps.  And knowing you are getting a fun box that you don't know what will be enclosed is just exciting!! I was so happy to open the door and see that my package arrived and it is just not the same as buying something cause when you buy something you know what's going to me inside the box and the join of opening it last like a second of too.  This box was hours worth of joy just ask my family lol.  They were pretty bored of my joy after a few minutes.  After opening the box I got to go through and put it in its place with in my art studio and you know whats funny there was one little image that I was so happy to see and I don't think its even in the pictures.  It is from a Graphic 45 piece of paper from the Domestic Goddess line of a women with this beautiful blonde hair and red lipstick.  I made myself a really cool necklace with this image last year and it disappeared I was so disappointed when it came up missing and did want to buy a whole new sheet of paper for that little picture and there it was in the box of goodies so now I can make myself a similar necklace!!! I'll  share when I make it.  Thank you soooo much Victoria for being such a great partner!! I can't wait to use all of this fun stuff.  Raven loves his little mice!  The way our house is set up he can actually play with them because his sisters Penny and Patches can steal them from him (my dogs like cat toys I'm not sure why).  I'm looking forward to see what everyone else sent and received!!  Now its 1 am and I need to go to bed I have errands to run in the morning and then I'm off to have an art party with friends happy Halloween everyone!! Check out Victoria's page to see what I sent her at Things I learn from Bear.

PS.  Feel free to see what the other sisters did on Some Days are Diamonds that is the house mother's page and she has us linking on the right side of her blog!
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debi said...

Wow, you got alot of fun goodies! So many great pieces and tools for creating! Enjoy!

Jo said...

You're gonna be busty great swap!

Anonymous said...

GINGER...i'm soooooo glad you like your goodies!!! and the best part was RAVEN enjoying his :D we must get together & swap on our own sometime...let me know!!! HUGS to you my sweet friend :D

debbie said...

Dear Ginger,
Raven is beautiful. I have 3 cats and we feed cats outside. It so upsets me when owners do not take care of their cats or dogs for that matter.
You are very talented. I told Victoria that I have a 70 year old totally french instruction book I will send you some pages from if you would like...just e mail me your address. I was tickled Victoria likes old papers also.
I signed up to be your newest follower. I think it went through.
Simply Debbie

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Wow...there was a lot of goodies in that little box !!! I'm happy Raven got to share it too.

JoAnne said...

What wonderful goodies! Glimmer Mist-that is a score. Love that stuff!

Diane said...

What a lot of wonderful goodies...glimmer mist...woowho and that yummy dyed seam are so right...score!!!

Karen said...

OH my you DID get a lot of fun things! Love all that paper, I can just see you gazing at each piece! And glimmer mist - I have yet to use it on anything . . . send me some ideas!
I'm so glad you had fun! I agree - you just don't know what you are going to get and when you finally open that box, it's just way too fun!
I'm so glad you had a good time!
Have a great weekend! Karen

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

I can't believe she got all that in one box! You sure got a great swap partner...enjoy!

Peggy Beck said...

I smiled all the way through reading your post. I could just feel that "Joy" Ginger. I'm glad you got your little image too. Can't wait to see what you do with your swap.

The Chateau of Remnants said...

What a great swap! I ♥ all your great crafting goodies!

Happy Fall ♥

Ann said...

You scored!!!! What a great swap box. All those emblellishents, I need to buy some of that glimmer mist. Everything was fantastic.

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Wow! You really received some beautiful things!! Wasn't this fun!? I have enjoyed viewing everyone's goodies! Have a great weekend!! Hugs!

Cortney Lyon said...

I nearly missed your swap box because it wasn't at the top! Good thing I scrolled down. I love all the vintage goodies you got, they are perfect for projects!