Sunday, October 24, 2010

Believe in Beeswax

The whole piece

The pretty woman I love!! 

Trust in your potential, enjoy the process, try something new, explore the possibilities but most of all believe

A close up of the thought bubble

You can kinda see the dimension 

See I have been creating.  Today I sat down and worked on some ATCs for a swap I'm holding and I finished them and decided to move on to more ATCs, but the results of my efforts weren't what I call great.  So I sat there for a little while talking with my mom and my friend Cara about how I would love to work with Beeswax and they told me then go ahead.  Thought for a moment put the beeswax pot on and started pulling supplies.  In my head this was going to be a canvas inspired by Paris but as I was pulling stamps I came upon my Donna Downey stamp set (THAT I LOVE!!!).  I haven't even used it yet but have been looking at it for many projects and it didn't quite fit into what I was creating before.  Today it made my canvas piece take shape.  I was taken over in a sense by Donna I painted the canvas pink and use her spray technique but of course I started with Purple and Olive Green Glimmer mist and decided I didn't like it and then painted the canvas pink and sprayed it with water which caused the paint and the glimmer mist to kind of mix creating this dirty greenish pink that wasn't half bad.  I then pulled my paper from my Tim Holtz Vintage Chic paper pad (again pink paper) tore it like it was nothing and started pulling things that I think of and hope and dream to be and then came the thought bubble I thought how can I use the woman stamp in a way that she isn't over powered by all of these images.  I think it came out perfectly.  It is my new favorite piece of beeswax art.  I think I enjoy beeswax because I tend to make them for myself with my favorite supplies that I keep just for a project I get to keep.  I think everyone knows about those supplies I'm talking about.  The one of kind things weather its an image or a metal charm you found or a crochet flower you received in a swap ( I have pretty red one that I'm saving).  Its just a little something you can't replace or you can and just don't want to.    
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Peggy Beck said...

I love your "thought bubble and the whole piece Ginger. Great job.
I'd love to see this in person too.

Ginger said...

are you coming to Donna's party??

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome that thought bubble!!!
p.s. I'm wearing a black & white necklace at work today!!!

Tabitha said...

love it! great job!