Friday, December 3, 2010

some Christmas Crafting for my home

So I have been a little busy with some Christmas crafting.  Most of which are for presents so I can't share but this was done kind of for myself.  I sat down on the floor and start to make myself a paper chain like I did as a child, but the new and improve version of course.  I used my beautiful scrapbook papers.  So after two nights I have beautiful paper chain in my bathroom.  And then I starting doing some research on how I could make a paper wreath and decided to go for it.  I'm not very good with a hot glue gun I burned myself quite a few times before my Wreath was done.  But one old book, a foam wreath base, lots of hot glue and two nights later I had my beautiful book wreath.  I wanted to do something different with mine of course cause it seems everyone leaves their's oh natural.  I sprayed mine with glimmer mist and wiped some pine green distress ink on it.  I want to put a bow on it but I need to do some brain storming because I don't want it to be  forever.  I change my mind often and I want to to be able to change whenever I want.  I think its because I don't want to put my wreath away.  I can't even imagine trying to store it so that it wont get ruined.  So I want the bow to change with the seasons.  So I will update you later when I decide on what I'm doing.  So I most go I need to get some sleep I'm off to NYC in the morning for Christmas shopping. 
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Anonymous said...

Ginger those paper chains bring back memories :)
Love that wreath...i don't own a hot glue gun...i used to...but when it became a lethal weapon to me i gave it up :):):)
your're going shopping in NYC {{{envy}}}

Peggy Beck said...

I love your wreath and hope you do use it year round. I'm sure you can "create" a "forever" bow to put on it too. The paper chain is a great idea to use up scraps of beautiful paper. Thanks for that idea. I plan to use it. And, I love the New look of your blog. It's very festive for the holidays.