Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weight loss journey

I have been one of those people who are completely content with my weight and size (as far as clothing) overall having a positive self image.  But I was starting to eat way more then I should, going to food for comfort, saw those around (people I care about) gain weight in a concerning way.  So I decided after years of being a 12 (slowly going up a size) that it was time to start watching what I put in my mouth.  I downloaded myfitnesspal to my iphone and start documenting what I was eating.  Now after about 30 days I have lost about 8 pounds! I'm putting on pants that I bought to small and now fit.  I seeing my jeans I wear on a regular basis fitting much looser than they were and overall feeling proud of myself. I will look for a before and so far photo to add later.  I want to continue and drop more over time and I know it will be a process.  But I look at it realistically too if I want something (that is "not good" for me) I still will allow a little. I still eat French fries and burgers (but I eat turkey burgers).  I eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.  It's the little changes that help a lot.  Pin It Now!

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