Thursday, June 5, 2014

A few little projects and exciting news

I've done a few little projects in my craft room since school ended trying to get
It organized.  I always feel better about crafting in an organized room.  So here is what I did so far.  I took a photo box purchased for $2 at Michael's and I had these plastic containers laying around (I use to use them for ribbons) I have put my brad collection in a million containers and I have hated everything I have done with them.  Mostly organizined them by size and color (sometimes shape)
And put them in these containers.  I then took my hand drill and drilled a hole in the  top of the ones I could not see through and placed an example brad so I could see what is inside. I'm hoping this works better then my last storage idea.  The photo box is in the bottom of my large china hutch with a few others.  I am planning a room tour soon to show the ins and outs of my room and what works for me.  
The next project I did was one of my many pins on Pinterest.  I have seen a million pins about updating the back of a book shelf with foam board.  I have wanted to do it for awhile in my little hutch, so I finally did.  So before:
Here's the after.  I cut foam board to fit each shelf then cut paper in 4 by 4 squares then glued it on the board kind of like a quilt.  I could have bought fabric and done it but why spend money when I have a million pieces of paper!  I am pleased with the out come.  
Now for exciting news!! I added a new kitten to my little family.  I have been missing my Noelle after see ran away in November and later my dad found that she had been hit by a car.  I needed some time and knew that if. I got a new cat I would want a kitten.  I few months ago I was tutoring my friend's daughter and she was fostering (hand feeding) some kittens for a community cat rescue and I got to play.  I brought me back to when I was hand feeding raven and smokey's litter and I fell in love.  I slept on the idea for awhile cause I would be able to really take anyone home till they were weened and fixed.  After thinking and talking to my parents about the idea I decided that I would like on of the females and contacted one of the rescues leaders.  I filled out the application and she let me know the other female was taken and I would he Snowbelle.  I didn't love the name but I started to think about how I named Raven after "The Raven" one of my favorite Poe poems.  I wanted to stick with that theme so I named my new little one after another favorite Poe poem and kept the Belle part of her name. So meet little miss Annabelle Lee.  I call her Belle for short which reminds me of M the little girl who named her Snowbelle.  She is the sweetest kitten playful and cuddly.  So far she is not a HUGE fan of Raven but he likes her.  So hopefully that will change.  

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