Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd ramble

I have been working on ATCs for some swaps that are due. Nothing extremely exciting. This morning I started a Little Fat Book page for a swap. This is the second on I created for the swap. The first one wasn't that good imo. So I did one I'm proud of. I just think it needs a quote then it will be done. I really need to print pictures and scrapbook some more although I have a ton of picture that are not inspiring me. I have most of my pictures saved on discs but I feel it is a pain to pull them out and go through them. I have to make myself do it. I wonder how many people share my pain in the sense that they save their pictures on discs and don't want to go back to them. It just feels like a chore. Actually now that I'm thinking about it I know just the disc I feel it is time to find and print. I worked in my lss for quite awhile and we had this crop that I worked have a disc of pictures of it and I scrapbooked it for my boss and gave it to her right before the store closed I think I want to scrapbook it now. I think it would mean a lot to take a trip back to "Memory Lane" and the ladies that filled my days. I miss them dearly and I wish that we didn't lose our common ground. I think it would be great to get together but it would take a lot of planing. Maybe someday. Pin It Now!

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