Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cat Crazy

Well it has been a little while since I have done actual scrapbook pages, but I say down today and did some!! Which is exciting for me cause I have been feeling scrap block for a while now. Today the pages I did were awesome!! I should introduce my newest muses while I'm at it. Meet Raven (my black cat) and Smokey (my brother's cat). They were found last spring with their two sisters in our shed last year. Their mother was a stray I had seen hanging around our yard. I was pretty sure she was pregant but I need thought she would have her litter in the shed. My brother went into the shed and heard scratching around on one of the top shelves we have found oppsums in our shed in the past so he when he found the box it was coming from he was extremely nerveous of what he might find, but he opened the box anyway and found four tiny kittens. He brought them in and claimed Smokey the only grey cat (because he was different). The rest were black. I fed them, taught them to potty and protected them from the rest of my crazy animals. Basically I bonded with them!! I kept bugging my dad trying to convince him to let me keep one. I know that I have a zoo and part of me didn't really want to take on another animal but I fell in love with Raven and I am sooo glad I kept him, because he is my best buddy. He cuddles with me all the time. When I'm in scrapbooking he sits with me sometimes he even sits on what I'm trying to do. He is mine which means when I move out he leaves with me, unlike the rest of my animals which are really my parents. So alot of my current pages are my newest buddy!!

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