Monday, October 29, 2012

A quick and easy Halloween treat

So I got called into a class for today. I have been in a few times and I have really enjoyed the students and I had bought some Halloween pencils at Walmart the other day for my teacher bag. So this morning I got an idea to make little tags to put on the pencils to say they were from me. I took a dcwv mat stack I bought a couple months ago which is 6.5 x 4.5 and I cut it into three somewhat equal sections which works out to be a little over 2 inches x 4.5. I cut orange paper to fit on top of the pattern which is a little over 1.75x 4. I stamped this cute pumpkin and "boo to you" on the orange in black ink. Glued the orange paper to the patten and punched to circles on the side for the pencil to slide through. I was able to finish 24 of them in maybe 15-20 minutes. I left them for the classroom teacher to pass out. And it cost only like $2 for the pencils everything else was in my stash!
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