Sunday, November 4, 2012

A cute and quick Christmas present

I picked up little notepads at the dollar tree the other day they were two for $1 so not bad. I already had an idea in my head for them. I want to alter them a little with CTMH paper and use my new monogram H that I got from ctmh. All I did was add a little paper to the top to cover the ugly pattern that was there, stamped the H in the corner of every sheet of lines paper and add a little bit of ribbon to the side for a pen holder. Depending on how much paper you use to cover the top you can get quite a few out of 1 sheet of 12x12. I used 2.25x5 inches to be honest 2x5 inches would have probably been plenty. But using the size I did I got 12 out of 1 piece of paper I had to use the decorative strip (the extra quarter inch on our papers with pretty designs on one side and the paper info on the other). I think it came out pretty cute.
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