Friday, July 25, 2014


Well this summer has had it's ups and downs.  I've been battling my depression a lot more than usual this summer, but I have also had a pretty amazing time too.  We went to Prince Edward Island, Canada last week for our red knight convention.  It was amazing! We wandered the streets.
Enjoyed some seafood. 
Tried things only found in Canada including poutine and hard cranberry lemonade. 
And checked out the sites including the bottle houses....
And the beautiful coasts. 
It was amazing to spend the week on the bike even though it rained on us almost everyday.  But you have to deal with a little rain to get rainbows. Right? 

I'm happy to report I lost more weight even though I indudged in lobster rolls, clam and seafood chowder and french fries (with and without gravy and cheese).  My starting weight was 160 pounds and I am currently 143 pounds! I feel amazing, proud and happy! 

I've been crafting a little bit, but it has mostly been leftover card club kits, so nothing worth posting.  I hope I will be able to post something new soon craft wise.  I made some tie dye shirts maybe I'll post those soon.  I hope your creative juices are flowing.  I'll post soon.

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