Sunday, February 14, 2010

Well I actually created something

Well I did some creating yesterday and today.  I have been thinking about a canvas piece for awhile inspired by my friend Peggy who quoted Tim Holtz in saying "Never Apologize for Your Art".  I got a new book last week that showed how to create wire letters and I formed the letters I needed for the piece.  I bought some flat canvas boards from walmart the other day and painted it a dark and light green and stared at the letters sitting on the green canvas for a few days.  So as it sat I started thinging about some other projects that I need to work on.  So I move on to the LFB page above which I like but it doesn't have the pazz I wanted.  So that is sitting on the shelf till I figure it out and I went back to the canvas today with beeswax on the brain.  I love the medium!! So I put a sewing pattern over the greens which gave me the aged look I love.  Cut up a page of mini collages from K& Company.  Stamped my new little girl on to sewing pattern and used one of my paper roses and some do dads and placed my words in the wax.   I love this reminder piece!! I will look at it and remember that my art is my art and I should embrace the good with the not so good and continue creating.  In other news I have been spending a lot of free time with the ferrets cause they need it.  I have given them weekend to rest, so that I can start all over with play time tomorrow.  Here are a couple pictures from play time last week.  JJ the lighter ferret likes to steal toys and hide them under the bed and I guess size doesn't matter.  I bought them a fun toy that is a big lady bug wtih a pocket for them to hide in/sleep in and some balls that make noise and then there is a bar that goes over it that has a couple toys hanging down.  JJ just love to take it by the attached toys and try to pull it under the bed to hide it.  I play tug-a-war with him.  Its nice bonding time.  Stormy is the other ferret picture she hasn't been doing well in the loss of her sis.  She plays for a little while and then climbs up into the cage or finds a place in my room to go back to sleep.  I feel really bad for her but I pull her out of her hiding spot and try my hardest to get her to play for awhile more.  I last for a few rounds of this before I give up and let her go to sleep.  What can I do?? There are no pictures of my oldest ferret Bandit because she is naked due to anderline diesase. She lost all her hair but she functions like normal she is way to old for a ferret to have the surgery required to fix it, so I figure what's not broke don't fix it.  So we are still hurting over the loss of Saratoga Hollner (yes her full proper name was Saratoga because we got her from Albany Saratoga Speedway at an adoption Clinic) but I think we will heal and maybe someday soon someone new will enter the ferret cage.  Its just not going to be too soon.
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Peggy Beck said...

Ginger, I love what you did. I think you are too hard on yourself sometimes because you definately have artistic talent and know how to compose.

I can testify that you need to give your ferret some time to heal her broken heart. I too am working on that and there are days I cannot be a part of someone elses wishes. Just let her rest and she will gradually come forth with new vigor. I know I am.