Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank you my angels

A women that I have only gotten to meet a couple of times Marilyn made me think today.  She asked a simple question "What is an angel? What does that mean to you?"  Her defination was spot on for me "To me, an angel, is someone who is kind to people, caring, and warm with a keen sense of humor. Someone we can trust, who has good character and a solid value system who treasures family and friends, loves animals, cares about the environment, enjoys helping people in need."   and it got me thinking I don't say thank you to my friends/angels enough so today I want to public say thank you to my friends your are truely my angels you have such kind words for me, have give me confinence, and gave me a profound belief in myself and my own art.  I have always wanted to create in some way and settled with scrapbook (which I LOVE), but didn't feel that I was an "Artist" until last year when I was pushed by a very special angel to the Vintage Room.  So a big THANK YOU!!!
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Peggy Beck said...

You are welcome my friend. And even though I haven't known you for long I do know that your values are important and the same as mine. I look forward to future exchanges both art wise and personal wise. You are an angel yourself Ginger.

Ginger said...

Thank you Peggy you are a great friend.