Thursday, February 11, 2010

i was hoping...

I was hoping that I would do something creative today something more postive to share, but notta.  I started a canvas piece but it didn't get very far.  I'm just feeling drained still.  I have been trying to go through my daily routine adding some extra time for the remaining ferrets.  Although they haven't really been feeling it either.  The girls just wander for a little while then climb back into the cage and go to sleep.  JJ (my male) has been loving it.  He and I have been playing from one end of my room to the other.  They even got a bath this morning.  I'm trying to keep them busy because they are just as affected by thier sister's death as I am.  Aside from possible introducing a new sibling I don't really know what to do.  I just want to wait awhile before bring in someone new.  Only time will tell what happens next. 
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Peggy Beck said...

I see you are grieving a pet and that is so hard. Very hard to do art when your heart is broken. You will get there Ginger. My thoughts go out to you.