Sunday, January 24, 2016

Updates craft room tour: An overview

This is an overview of my current craft space.  It's taken a long time to get it to this point, so I could share it.  The downfall is that it is the first room off the front door, so that means a lot of the time it is a dumping ground for coats, mail, anything and everything that we bring into the house starts in my craft room, so most days when I want to craft it means cleaning first.  The first thing you see when you enter is that it kind of a tiny room.  It was originally the dining room of the house and considering how big our family is and it only gets bigger as time goes on it would never work as a dining room. So I claimed it as my craft room.  It being a tiny space I have to be creative in how I store my supplies.  The big China hutch was you see in the photo below was built by my great grandfather.  He was a genius in the wood shop and he also built the dry sink you will see later. The China hutch holds all my Close to my heart stamps which are housed in the plastic white baskets.  I will look closer at this stuff with you in future posts.  The hutch also holds my non close to my heart scrap paper, finished and unfinished scrapbook pages, my card collection and version other crafting items.  
Next to the hutch is an antique radio cabinet which has a brief case that my great grandfather turned into a camera case.  I repurposed it to hold a good chunk of my altered art supplies.  Inside the cabinet is my cuttle bug and dies, prima flowers, etc.  Next to the cabinet are two antique crates on their sides to store close to my heart scraps, my jewelry bag, my creative memories cutting system.  Then their is my paper rack which holds my cardstock.  Above that is a basket that holds glitter, sprays, etc.  
Of course in the center of my room is my craft table.  On my table is my ink storage , my tape guns, and my spinning organizer with all my tools I need at my finger tips. 
This corner is mom's side of the table.  Her cardstock is stored in the paper rack and my rubber stamp shelf.  Because I don't buy many rubber stamps I use the bottom to store my cricut cartridges.  
The dry sink has been converted to store my cricut on top as you can see.  I had my dad built a box to fit in the top so that the cricut can be above the lip.  Inside the dry sink are my pictures, extra picture frames etc.  
This little cabinet is one of favorite pieces it is great for hiding a lot of things.  I try to keep it neat, but it never stays that way. It has magazines, close to my heart catalogs etc. 
This little China hutch store my pretty things.  My precious moment collection and various antiques that inspire me.  The bottom part stores alterables and paint mediums among other things.  
Lastly is my double paper rack which holds both mom and my pattern paper collections.  Then there is the small basket which holds my non close to my heart stamps.  
That's all for now.  Be back soon with a more in depth look into my craft room. 


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Peggy Beck said...

Love your organization. I'll be inspired to get to work on mine....