Sunday, January 24, 2016

Room tour: where the magic happens

Here is where the magic happens, the craft table.  As you can see I have a craft mat I taped it down so it doesn't move around.  Then of course my tape runners need to be ready at the drop of a hat while I'm crafting.  And candy as you can tell is a must in the craft space. In the antique cream cheese box I have my washi tape.  I'm not sure if this is where they will stay because they have been moving around a bunch in my craft room because the box they were in broke. 
Next is my tool holder each section holds different tools. This first section is my scissors.  I think I have too many pairs.  

Then there is my pens and pencils.
Glues and ghettos 
My misc tops and markers.  In the center of the holder is my rulers, water color pencils and other random tools that just don't fit anywhere else. 
To my left is my stamp spinning rack.  I decided to stop hiding my retire close to my heart inks and ended up purchasing a couple extra ink holders that I screwed them into the wall between the Windows.  As you can see I organize my inks by ROYGBiV first with current colors then retired colors.  I marked all my retired colors with an R. As you can tell my iPad is a staple in my craft space.  I can watch Netflix while I'm crafting. M
Because I'm in a small space I use every inch of space so the window sill is also used for storage.  I have my Tim Holtz inks, my ink applicators, and then two antique tins the biggest one holds jewelry supplies, the smaller one holds Popsicles sticks.  
My newest furniture piece is this white cabinet from Michael's.  I purchased it on sale awhile ago.  It's suppose to have wheels on it but it wouldn't fit under the table.  
Between the top of the table and the cabinet I have my cutter, my scoring board and my close to my heart versa mat. 
The first drawer is all my glues and foam tape.  
The second drawer has my watercolor palettes, my close to my heart punches, my archival ink, scrap paper for stamping on.  
The third drawer has my pinkpaislee papers and embellishments. 
The fourth drawer holds all my extra retired close to my heart paper packs.
The last drawer has my 6x6 paper packs and project life cards. 
Apparently my camera got a little blurry at the end not sure why, but this is my close to my heart supplies. The medium box holds my embellishment and mini stamps.  And then I have two small boxes one holds my blocks and the other holds my pigment inks.  
Back the right of where I sit is my little garbage pail made for me by a nice friend.  It comes in very handy. 
Then there is Luka one of four cats that can be found hanging out on my craft table. 
That's all for today.  I'll be back soon with a more in depth look in my craft room.  What do you want to see next?  Do you want to see something specific?  Let me know. 

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Melissa said...

Nice job Ginger So organized looks great. Miss u Melissa B