Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stamp storage for red rubber cling mount stamps

I have been really struggling to figure out a way to store my growing collection of red rubber cling mount stamps mostly from unity stamp company.  I started off storing them on Tim Holtz stamp sheets cause I had extra which worked out great for awhile until I ran out.  So when I ordered more unity stamps a couple months ago I had no where to store them  and needed to get creative.  I collect monster high dolls and was saving the boxes cause I figured I would do something with them it seemed like such a waste to just throw them out.  I flattened them down and they stored nicely in between my paper rack and a table.  I took one out looked at the box for a few minutes and started ripping a tearing.  The great thing about the boxes it that they are made of clear plastic and chipboard.  At first I was using bigger boxes which had more plastic so I was able to make a very similar product as the Tim Holtz sheets.  I cut the plastic to 7 1/2 x 8 then I cut the chipboard to the same size an grabbed a paper pack and started cuting that to the same size I glue the paper to both side of the chipboard and then attached the plastic using eyelets.  So I took this: 
And turned it into this(this one is cut at 4 3/4x8):
I love that instead of having to buy something that I really don't want to spend money on anyway I can make my stamp storage and I love that I can make it pretty with whatever kind of paper I want.  Mind you I store my stamps in a basket in my craft room, but I'm sure you could find other ways to store them.  If you made the sheets (mind you need a lot of plastic) 8 1/2 x 11 and then you could punch holes and store them in a standard binder or you could even do them 6x6 and find a mini binder to put them in.  So look at what's around you, you would be surprised at the things you might find hiding in things we normally consider garbage.  
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fran pascazio said...

This is a great idea Ginger….you should show the whole finished product!