Friday, April 4, 2014

Autism awareness month

So April is autism awareness month and April 2nd was international autism awareness day.  So I decided to not only light up our light poles by the road blue but I'm attempting to wear blue everyday from April 2nd-April 30th.  This will be a huge challenge as I don't own that much blue.  I really should take out everything blue I own and take a picture lol.  So far I'm doing well 3 days in a row with out much issue but by the end of the month it might be a tad challeging. We will see.  So here are my outfits for the last 3 days I will try to do a post every so many days but it might be hard for me cause this semester is coming to a close and I have 3 big projects to get done.  But here goes nothing...
Day 1 autism puzzle piece headband and awareness ribbon earrings with blue beads -by me
Light blue tshirt-target 
Navy blue tank-aero
Jeggings (my go to pant because they are comfy) american eagle 
Cross wrap bracelet- jewelry shop on the broad walk in seaside height NJ 
Light blue glitter nails
Day 2 
Earring- me 
Blue necklace- allora handmade (she doesn't make them anymore :( )
Red t-shirt old navy 
Grey tank walmart 
Jeggings american eagle 
Day 3 (today)
Long sleeve black boat neck shirt-old navy 
Scarf- target 
Jeggings-you guessed it american eagle 
Flower Earring-me 
In a couple days I'll have more to share if not I will do one big post with all my looks for the month.  I'm doing this for my amazing cousins in Florida.  They have inspired me to become a special education teacher and as much as I was against in the beginning and occasionally question teaching as a whole because of the new standards and high stakes testing I want to help better out future and the kids of the world are just that.  When I doubt myself I think of all the kids in my life and remember they are why I do this.  They are why I push through there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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