Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some of the other ladies...

So of course the mystery project wasn't just me.  There were 12 other ladies involved in the project.  Not all of them have blogs but I sending you to the ones that do.  Then of course if you find what we are doing interesting and your an artist yourself or would love to be one you can join us at the vintage room.  Its a wonderful art group with great ideas and projects.  We are mostly local but we do have and will except members from anywhere and everywhere.  Feel free to join us we love new blood and you could always make a special trip to visit for one of our gathers someday. Oh and if you join our group you can see all of the talented ladies work on their mystery project, but here are the other ladies that have posted their mystery projects:

Tabitha at Tabitha's Trinkets (by the way my best friend in the world!!)
Peggy at My Inner Playground (an amazing and talent woman who I am proud to say is my friend)
Maura at Two Crafting Sisters (a newbie to the vintage room, but has hit the ground running and is extremely talented like the rest of our group!) she hasn't posted her's yet but probably will soon. Pin It Now!

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