Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspired to share

I saw this video on youtube this morning.  I have been mostly been using youtube to entertain myself with funny silly videos and scrapbook how to videos, but today I saw this video pop up and I was drawn to it.  This woman is amazing and inspiring and if I have a daughter I would speak this poem to her.  I watched all 15 minutes of it and then watched "If I had a daughter" probably about 5 times till I decided that I would share a poem of mine.  Something from my journal, something NO ONE has ever heard or seen before.  I write poetry when I'm inspired to, which lately isn't often mostly because I have become more visually inspired.  My altered art is where my creativity currently is.  I return to poetry on occasion and I will always go back there.  So without further ado, I hope you enjoy.

the vacant halls don't hold
your voice anymore
i can't walk through the door
to see you in your spot
no more stories to share 
once a home now a shell
your picture is here but your 
presence is not
i can't bear to walk through the door
or move your things 
for i fear i will lose your memories
your love your kindness
so the windows stay dark in your shell of a home
cause your not there to light them
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