Monday, April 4, 2011

Mystery Project 2011 revealed

So here it is the Mystery Project 2011.  I went with a beach theme because as a kid we collected treasures that just sat in a box.  I made some of those treasures into something beautiful.  Below is the other part of the project.  We had to write something about why they project was important so I sat down and wrote about childhood memories of going to the beach.  I love how it came out. Then yesterday we unveiled the projects each one was amazing.  The thought and detail that went into each beautiful project was so amazing and each one was so different, but in some ways similar.  I walked around a few times and saw something different each and every time.  Every time we gather together I am more and more thankful to be apart of this wonderful group of women.  They are so positive and warm.  I'm always excited to share progress in my life with them because it always seems like they are rooting for me!!  I'll share more about the party and a special surprise a little later.   

The Beach
Year after year my family returns to the beach.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are at the beach.   Walking the sand shores in early morning light looking for shells with my mom and brothers, walking in my Dad sandy steps while listening to music.  One year in particular I remember warmly we were walking to shore in the early morning as usual and in the distance you could faintly hear music.  As we approached in the fog there standing on the edge of the water playing for the waves was a bagpiper.  Hearing the sweet whine of his pipes in and out as the wind blew in my direction.  It gave me goose bumps that beautiful, magically morning.  It’s never happened since sadly but it is a morning I will never forget.  Other mornings were spent collecting shells and other treasures to remember our trips.
The afternoons were spent on the beach in the baking sun and cooling off in the water.  We spent hours on a sheet playing in the sand listening to the surf, gulls, lifeguard’s whistle, the roar of the crowd around us, and the sounds of the boardwalk.  Around noon my brother Bobby and I would take our youngest brother out to the car to eat Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with kool-aid and chips.  Bobby and I would make the sandwiches and watch Chad till we were done and then wander all the way back to our blanket on the beach.  We would stay till the beach would close and we heard a recording blasted on the loud speaker that would end with “stay out, stay alive, stay out, stay alive!”
The evenings were spent one of two ways.  The first was we would go back to the camp ground burnt and tired and hangout there at the pool, fishing, reading and spending time around the fire.  The other way we would spend our evening was we would go back to the camp get changed and go back to the boardwalk.  My brothers would play games.  I didn’t see the point more often then not I would not win anything so I would spend money on shopping in the trinket, “surf” shops or buying the fried food I enjoy.  We would eat pizza at one of the many pizza shops and fireworks would close out the night.  Sadly these days have ended, and if they begin again they won’t be quite the same.
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Anonymous said...

Ginger this is a beautiful piece...
i love the oyster shell with the pearl :D
that's a great way to display your treasures...