Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You know what I dislike

No pretty art to share today I just want to rant a bit.  I dislike money....Why because you need it so much.  This pasted month or so I have had little to no money.   Which I would be fine with if it weren't for the fact that I want/need a list of things for various parts of my life.  I needed clothes for work that were professional looking so I decide to go thrifting when I finally got some money.  I'm not too proud to save a buck.  I said it I HATE buying clothes for full price.  I really do.  Very, Very rarely do I do so and if I do its on things I will wear I million times over.  I'm tired of my ho hum wardrobe, tired of concert tees and jeans.  So I bought thing that were style wise out of my element.  Things I would never ever purchase for full price.  I proudly spend maybe $40 on 3 tops and 3 pairs of dress pants!  I need a hair cut,  I have been putting it off for a very long time...maybe a year.  I know the hair dressers are screaming at me!! I hate getting it cut, I'm never sure how I actually want it and I'm too afraid to cut it all off so I just ended up having it trimmed.  I finally know what I want to do.  I'm taking a risk and I want to cut it just long enough that I can wear it up off my neck during the summer.  I also need dress shoes.  I of course want my basic black and brown heels and flats but I want to also get a few pair of shoes with pops of color.  I'm tired of my heels I have had since student teaching that by the end of the day my knees and feet are killing me, because they are that worn.  Then there is accessories but those are easy... I can make myself stuff or find cute necklaces at target and what not for kinda cheap and of course I have this wonderful best friend who makes beautiful jewelry for me once and awhile.

  Then there is my ultimate WANT the things I can't get enough of...Craft supplies!!!  I haven't walked into a craft store in at least a month for something more then maybe glue dots or a cricut mat.  IT IS KILLING ME!! I can't go to Micheal's without feeling guilty cause I need all the above things and shouldn't be buying something so silly as craft supplies.  I will not die if I don't get craft supplies, but I must admit that I feel great to be able to buy a shiny new something from the craft store.  Its like a drug I guess, a high and from all highs your get down.  I often come home and think should I have bought this really?  But it always ends with me stuffing it in where it belongs for me to forget its there and then months later I remember oh yea I had to have this.  This weekend I'm allowing myself to go to a craft consignment sale to spend the $20 I have on some second hand craft stuff.  I think its my reward for behaving for the last couple months and actually spending money on something I need.  I guess I'm done ranting I hope you can at least enjoy/relate to my rant. Pin It Now!

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