Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A birthday gift, A Sympathy card and Alphabet atcs

So this past month had some different events that I needed to make stuff for.  First was my friend Lori's birthday.  I made her a card which for some reason I didn't photograph...oh well. Then I made her an altered cabinet card, which I altered with gesso, and green paint then added stamped images and diecut flowers (from my cricut), of course I used brads as my flower centers and some pretty lace to finish it off.  I also made her an altered tag which is pictured above.  I went with a bird theme for her art, I'm not sure why but when I think of Lori I think of birds.  I think she likes them I'm not sure where I get that idea from but it works. Who doesn't like birds. Then I made her a 4x4 again with the bird thing going on.  The big beautiful bird cage in the back ground and the pretty girls in the nest.  

Then a dear family friend's dog passed away and boy do I know how hard that is.  So I decided to make a simply sympathy card for them to let them know that they were in our thoughts.  Losing a pet is equal to a human being in my book.  My pets are my children.  I lost 3 beautiful ferrets last year for various illnesses and my best friend Buster.  It makes me sad just thinking about it, but I think Buster was the hardest.  I know it sounds  a little strange but through high school I cried on his shoulder all the time.  The best thing about him was how he just sat there and listened to me.  He was patient and kind and there will never be another Buster.  One of my girls does remind me of him sometimes just her mannerisms and sweetness, but she doesn't behave quite as well as he did, but I will move on...The card was cut out on the cricut.  I welded the image of the dog onto a circle card and then cut the "with Sympathy" on its own.  I love how much I have learned about my gyspy and cricut in the last month or so.  I'm becoming pretty good at making new stuff with it and I have been using my cricut soooo much more now.  I also made the envelope which I welded the paw print on to.  To make sure there was no problem when I mailed it I took a small piece of plastic from the packaging of a sticker sheet and packing taped it in place on the inside of the envelope before I folded it and glued it. 

Now last but not least are my M,N,O cards for my Alphabet atc swap in the vintage room.  I'm having a lot fun with these.  M is for Mirror, N is for Neighborhood, and O is for Oven mitt.  The oven mitt was done on my cricut.  The Neighborhood took me forever (and I decided to keep it) and the Mirror actually came to me pretty quickly.  I was surprised these are not my usual style as far as my atcs normally come out but I think that's okay sometimes.  Well that's all I have for now I'm sure I will be back soon with more to share. 

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Morgan said...

I LOVE these! You are so talented!

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Ginger said...

thank you!! It means a lot!